suke ati aku la nak update ke x.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

way toooo looooong~

yes, i know... i know that i haven't updated my blog since 8th may. my only reason is, i dont have time :P.
luckly i got my holiday now. it been a week since my final exam paper. hopefully i regain my energy to post my blog.
well, right now im out of idea n out of word to write a post.
let see... what did i did in my first week of holiday...
Monday - my dad fetch me up from CFSIIUM (formerly known as MCIIUM), n the rest of the day, im surfing the internet updating my friendster (which, same goes to my blog, not updated for ages)
Tuesday - take a driving class (sigh... i forgot everything i learned b4.), n rest of the day, still with my friendster
Wednesday - another driving class. n still with my friendster for the rest of the day
Thursday - my (not so) big day. JPJ test, again... (sigh, hopefully i pass this time) guest what, i mess up my jpj test. i fail on parking (which, i think, i have mastered) maybe because im so nervous. however... hehe... i pass... i got my P :-)
Friday - nothing much. Friendster again
Saturday - i been sleeping whole day. i njoy sleeping. hehe. sleeping is the best way im enjoying my holiday.
Today - i went to motorcycle class. motorcycle kinda sux. compared to car, they only have 2 tyres, n that mean they r very unstable. well... i hope i can mastered it b4 next thursday for the JPJ test. owh i forgot... today is my mum's birthday~

Happy Birthday MUM!

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