suke ati aku la nak update ke x.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

1st end posting exam

i don't know how to say it....
i think i'll go with this...

"lot to tell, but nothing to write"

that what happen to me when im not in the mood of writing anything. or i just simply out of so call writer's punch.

ok, i just finish my 1st clinical posting exam today.
my exam start at 9am with long case. long story cut short, the clerking was smooth, except for that i don't know what to ask to the patient. i expecting the patient having A-fib due to the palpitation, but i didn't find any A-fib sign such as pulse deficit and irregularly irregular pulse. luckly for me, i got extra time to clerk the patient. i suppose that i have to clerk the patient in one hour but somehow, the doctor came late and i've extra time around 30minute to rearrange my "script".
the presentation wasn't so smooth at all i think. just my style, everything i present, i'll present confidently (but heck, only God know that im soooo nervous inside, and not so confident). but having say that, i dont think that my presesentation goes well because the patient supposely have irregular pulse but i just can't appreciate it. and the discussion wasn't go well too.
-lot to tell, nothing to write- i guest i stop here for the long case with Dr. Hilmi
then my short case at 11am, with Dr. Marzuki.
huhu, my 3P was good, except for that i forgot to inspect the patient from the end of the bed. (deduct one mark!). my examination goes well, except for some bumpy here and there (hehe, i tink when u got nervous, everything will just go haywire, wasn't it?). but the most disappointing is that, i miss the finding. i been ask to examine the respi system. but i can't find any finding. the patient should have pleura effusion, but i didn't find any crep, reduced chest expansion or reduce vocal tactile. what a waste. the doctor try to help my, by asking me to repeat my examination, twice!. but still i can't appreciate the finding. the discussion wasn't goes well to.
-lot to tell, nothing to write-

this what happen, when u don't go ward often. but... my case is even unique. let me restate back my statement...
this what happen, when, u do go to ward, but u didn't meet the patient. or u do meet the patient, but u didn't properly clerk the patient or examine the patient.
was a waste.

just pray that i'll pass my examination, eventhough i didn't do it well. hmm....

Sunday, 11 October 2009

puterabemi... pailnail... and google?

google wasn't a great search tool after all.

have you ever wonder, what might come out when you search your own nick name?
i google PuteraBemi.... and these were come out...
1. my youtube channel. wth? da la ade 2 3 junk vid je
2. my gamespot account. again... wth? this was when im in matric. i love diablo game back then. hehe. waiting for diablo 3.
3. yahoo profile. where this come from?
4. hmmm... this was quite recent. saje nak maen quiz kt mirc
5. well... this is my darkside. haha.

ok... now where is my blog?
let try pailnail then..
1. what the hell? google recommend pail nail?. ok2 let skip the recommendation

1. merchantcircle... never been there.
2. enchantedlearning. haha. child books
3. another online shop site
4. apakah?
5. another merchant site
6. at last... my blog site.

see.... my blog wasn't the famous site after all. haha.
yes2. we blogger, write blog so people will read it, but when people read our blog, we hope that we wasn't that famous. haha.

tingtong sebentar...

this will be another rubbish post...

let start with this picture...
true eh?

another pix....
good one here..

but my fav is always this pix
why so serious~
always remember how joker (Heath Ledger) say it.

Friday, 9 October 2009


arini aku rase aku sangat bangang.

b4 pape, klo korang yg salu follow aku pny blog ni, mgkn korang aku terkejut kerana post ni akan jumpe banyak sangat perkataan vulgar.. yes. vulgar word. arini aku nk mengamok. mengamok kat diri aku. jd klo korang ni berhati lembut, jangan bace post ni.

korang masih membace post ni? read at your own risk. what next is very2 vulgar and obnoxius. i don't want any of my friend to read this. i just want to write. i dont want people to read, but yet i write it. i don't know why.

so for those who read this, please forget what had i wrote, and please forgive me for my rudeness...


aku memang selfish, yg stupid lagi bangang.
sbb pe bangang? sebab aku ni buta.
buta sbb xnampak kesalahan sendiri.
dala selfish, da tu xnmpk plak sendiri buat salah
obviously salah, tp still xnmpk


da la buat orang tension, lagi xperasan.
ramai da orang benci kat aku
but still aku xbuat pape ntuk perbaiki keadaan


aku harap pasni aku akan berubah
perubahan yang positif
to be better man
to be better people
to be better muslim
to be better brother
to be better son
to be better friend
to be a better man~

no more stupid selfish yang bangang.
think before you do ok.

actually, bemi x brani pn bace post bemi ni blk. huhu. bemi ni takut. takut dengan mase lampau bemi. banyak da bemi buat silap. bemi takut bemi akan jadi malu sebab kesalahan lame bemi. bemi takut bemi jadi pasif sebab kesalahan bemi dulu. bemi takut bemi dhantui kesalahan lama, then bemi x berkembang.

tp bemi salah... sejarah sepatutnya mengajar kita. sejarah la yg akan menyebabkan kita berkembang. bemi... u need to learn to accept what you have done before. please read back you old post, and reflect back what have u done... do you remember what have u done? do u think u will not repeat your old fault? please bemi, u got lot to learn....

Aku mau kawen~

i wanna marry~ (who doesn't anyway?)
ade ke ibu gelak ble bemi cakap bemi nak kawen? huhu..
tapi ibu cakap, bemi laki, kena la kerja dulu.

Kompang Dipalu
kompang dipalu, pengantin baru
duduk bersanding, tersipu malu
kompang dipalu, pengantin malu
moga bahagia, ke anak cucu

kami doakan moga berkekalan
selamat sejahtera hingga akhir zaman

(ulang chorus)

mempelai tersenyum manis
air mawar direnjis-renjis
bunga manggar indah berseri

senyum tawa dan gembira
sanak saudara semua
oohh, indahnya

merahnya inai dijari
tanda kasih sudah termateri
ikatan raja sehari

hari yg dinanti-nanti
sudahlah menjelma kini
kekal dan abadi

selamat pengantin baru
moga kekal ke anak cucu
selamat pengantin baru

(ulang semua)
(ulang chorus)

ni ntah sape pny ntah. just dgr je lagu. hehe.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Inalillah wa Innailaihi, rajiun...

Takziah diucapkan kepada, taqi, faidhi, sarah and the gang.
As u read this, u might think that somebody has died. no. nobody died yet. tp bile ade musibah dtg, kita disunatkan untuk mengucapkan innalillah wa innailaihi rajiun, sebagai peringatan kepada kita bahawa kita ini makhluk dan hamba Allah yang lemah.

Firstly, takziah kepada muttaqee. dia excident 2 minggu lepas, mase on the way balik ke kuantan dari johor, hari ahad. dipercayai, dia excident kat mersing-kota tinggi. excident sbb spin off n rolling kt corner. Alhamdullilah, no body injured (taqi je pn dlm kete tu) tapi the car is almost total damage.
tribute to the car...

2nd, takziah juga kepada sarah and the gang, juga excident kereta. excident on the way g ke temerloh, isnin pagi. dipercayai juga, excident sbb nk potong lori, tapi gagal, but then almost bertembung ngn kereta dr depan. but manage to evade, but unfortunately, jatuh dalam ditch. they are all injured and were warded.

Takziah juga pd faidhi, yang da demam 2 hari da. demam teruk gak la.

Pape pun, doakan la mereka supaya dapat cepat sembuh. exam 2 minggu je lagi.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Exam... 2 minggu ag. guys, wish me luck for my exam k.
risau gak ni. 1st exam for 1st clinical posting. rase2 cam nk fail pn ade. huhu.

pade nurul, jgn tension2 k.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

while waiting for maghrib prayer...

kalau tengok, bdak2 medik skg da mule pk the money side of the doctor.
everyone of us, have the dream of buying something. will it be for wedding, cars, or even fancies watch.

let start with cars.
taqee:civic 2nd hand and bikin
idi: don't tink have that much money and time to buy a car and bikin. but still thinking of fancy car.
me? well.. i tot of buying savvy. new savvy or 2nd hand savvy? i tink if i want to bikin, a good 2nd hand savvy is okay.
what will i do with my savvy?
1. pasang turbo~
2. makeup baek punya~
but then... come the question, car or wed?

taqee: marry while HO. but still confuse whether to marry 1st or car 1st?
id: marry next year. huhu. but still collecting some money
me? it hard to say. since i been broke up with my girlfriend, i been thinking... patut ke aku mencari semula cinta yang tidak kesampaian ini? i'll tell later about this break up.
but ideally, i want to marry after i finish my HO. i want to save some money, and have a nice weddings. nowadays it require rm5000 just for the majlis. and one or two month of salary cant cover those expenses. like i say, i want a nice wedding, so i need money and planning. i don't want a grand wedding, but then i hv to eat maggi with terung for the whole year. that doesn't make sense.
but how about car? i don't think i should marry 1st then buy fancy car then. coz my wife(upss.. future wife) will surely bising if i spend most of my money to bikin car. you know, to bikin a car, it more like a grand wedding. huhu. it need time and money.

fancy watch?
what is your dream watch? or do you have dream watchS?
this morning we teman din to buy a new watch. since the exam is around the corner and a watch is certainly the most important tool for us to count respiratory and heart rate, din want to buy a good, but cheap watch, but in the same time fancy watch. do you only girl choose thing to buy in hours? guys too. since this watch will be worn for a long time, din take about one hour to buy a watch. while he choose the watch, we been looking some nice watch.
my favourite watch?
1. analog. - look more mechanical
2. big - hehe. maybe this have to do something with self esteem?
3. have all the dials. u name it, tachymeter? months? days? hours? minutes? seconds? or even latitudes?
4. black, white, or black with golden. no2, not gold. gold is antique.
5. for the strap... i still confuse. but usually i like skin. then iron strap. but not rubber strap. rubber is for kids.
u remember your dream watch when you was a kid? is it power rangers? or g-shock? or watch with calculator? it sure give a nice memory back then. hehe.

what are other thing that you want to do when you got your 1st gaji?
these are the thing that might come to you head
1. nice house. a condo maybe?
2. give some to your parent~ banyak da jasa dorang kt kite kan?
3. cars? bikes?
4. weddings?
5. ha! insurance. my friend ade da jadi agent insurance tu~
6. children. haha. xkawen ag tapi da plan duit ntuk anak2 da. advanced
7. charity... umah anak yatim or orang tua?
8. charity again... for those unfortunate, or those NGO that help for unfortunate. MERCY for example?
9. investment... still feel that the money is not enough and try to "grow" the money. nice.
10. save for emergency. you will never know what will happen next.

whatever it is, RM4k for a HO is quite many you know? tapi banyak2 pn, klo nafsu macam2, abes gak. what is important is prioritize, and patient, with some common sense in planning the money. dunia ni sementara je.what is more important is life after death. Semoga Allah menjauhkan kami dari golongan orang yang tamak, boros dan membazir. InsyaAllah...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Ketupat Rubik

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Lelaki Dan Wanita

sejak akhir2 ni, kita salu dengar pasal kaum, bangsa, agama, dan macam2 lagi. contoh, kenapa melayu, cina ngan india susah sangat nak ngam skang? lagi, kenapa orang indonesia dan orang malaysia saling membenci? dan paling menyedihkan, kristian, yahudi dan islam (yang mane ade common root - tawhidic faith) tapi saling benci-membenci dan penuh ngan syak wasangka?
baru2 ni, aku saje tengok2 statistik pelawat2 yang datang ke blog ni. then terbaca sumbody punya blog - xtau sape, td meh la lawat kt sini - terbaca pasal article lelaki dan perempuan.
orang barat - yang sangat bangga ngan idea karut liberalization mereka - selalu mempertikaikan kenapa Islam meletakkan lelaki sebagai ketua rumah dan isteri sebagai suri rumah. selalu mempertikaikan kenapa lelaki mendapat lebih harta pusaka. macam2 la yang dipertikaikan. tapi ni ade sedikit penjelasan terhadap lelaki dan perempuan dalam blog yang aku lawat tadi.

Lelaki bujang kena tanggung dosa sendiri apabila sudah baligh manakala dosa
gadis bujang ditanggung oleh bapanya.
Lelaki berkahwin kena tanggung dosa sendiri, dosa isteri, dosa anak
perempuan yang belum berkahwin dan dosa anak lelaki yang belum baligh.

Hukum menjelaskan anak lelaki kena bertanggung jawab ke atas ibunya dan
sekiranya dia tidak menjalankan tanggung jawabnya maka dosa baginya
terutama anak lelaki yang tua, manakala perempuan tidak, perempuan hanya
perlu taat kepada suaminya. Isteri berbuat baik pahala dapat kepadanya kalau
buat tak baik dosanya ditanggung oleh suaminya. BERATKAN??

Suami kena bagi nafkah pada isteri, ini wajib tapi isteri tidak. Walaupun
begitu isteri boleh membantu. Haram bagi suami bertanya pendapatan isteri lebih-lebih lagi menggunakan pendapatan isteri tanpa izin ini.

Banyak lagi lelaki lebih-lebih lagi yang bergelar suami perlu tanggung.
Kalau nak dibayangkan beratnya dosa-dosa yang ditanggungnya seperti gunung
dengan semut. Itu sebabnya mengikut kajian nyawa orang perempuan lebih
panjang daripada lelaki. Lelaki mati cepat kerana tak larat dengan beratnya dosa-dosa yang ditanggung (ikut kajian laa..)

Tetapi orang lelaki ada keistimewaannya yang dianugerah oleh Allah SWT.
Ini orang lelaki kena tahu, kalau tak tahu kena jadi perempuan. Begitulah

Auratnya lebih susah dijaga berbanding lelaki. Perlu meminta izin dari
suaminya apabila mahu keluar rumah tetapi tidak sebaliknya.
Saksinya kurang berbanding lelaki.. Menerima pusaka kurang dari lelaki.

Perlu menghadapi kesusahan mengandung dan melahirkan anak.

Wajib taat kepada suaminya tetapi suami tak perlu taat pada isterinya.
Talak terletak di tangan suami dan bukan isteri.
Wanita kurang dalam beribadat kerana masalah haid dan nifas yang tak ada
pada lelaki.

Pernahkah kita lihat sebaliknya??
Benda yang mahal harganya akan dijaga dan dibelai serta disimpan ditempat
yang tersorok dan selamat. Sudah pasti intan permata tidak akan dibiar
bersepah-sepah bukan? Itulah bandingannya dengan seorang wanita.

Wanita perlu taat kepada suami tetapi lelaki wajib taat kepada ibunya 3 kali
lebih utama dari bapanya . Bukankah ibu adalah seorang wanita ?

Wanita menerima pusaka kurang dari lelaki tetapi harta itu menjadi milik
peribadinya dan tidak perlu diserahkan kepada suaminya , manakala lelaki
menerima pusaka perlu menggunakan hartanya untuk menyara isteri dan

Wanita perlu bersusah payah mengandung dan melahirkan anak, tetapi setiap
saat dia didoakan oleh segala haiwan, malaikat dan seluruh makhluk ALLAH di
mukabumi ini, dan matinya jika kerana melahirkan adalah syahid kecil. Manakala dosanya diampun ALLAH (dosa kecil).

Di akhirat kelak, seorang lelaki akan dipertanggungjawabk an terhadap 4 wanita :
1. ibunya ,
2. isterinya ,
3.anak perempuannya , dan
4. saudara perempuannya.

Manakala seorang wanita pula, tanggungjawab terhadapnya ditanggung oleh 4
org lelaki ini :
1. suaminya,
2. ayahnya,
3. anak lelakinya dan
4. saudara lelakinya .

Seorang wanita boleh memasuki pintu Syurga melalui mana-mana pintu Syurga
yg disukainya cukup dengan 4 syarat sahaja :
1. sembahyang 5 waktu
2. puasa di bulan Ramadhan
3. taat suaminya dan
4. menjaga kehormatannya .

Seorang lelaki perlu pergi berjihad fisabilillah tetapi wanita jika taat
akan suaminya serta menunaikan tanggungjawabnya kepada ALLAH akan turut
menerima pahala seperti pahala orang pergi berperang fisabilillah tanpa
perlu mengangkat senjata.
MasyaALLAH.. ..sayangnya ALLAH pada wanita ....

Seorang wanita adalah pelengkap dan sememangnya istimewa di sisi seorang
lelaki , tetapi ingatlah wahai lelaki...kamu sebenarnya adalah istimewa
disisi Allah, maka dengan sebab itu DIA mengangkat kamu menjadi
pemimpin.... maka dengan keistimewaan itu, JAGALAH dan HARGAILAH wanita
sebaik-baiknya. ..supaya kelak masing2 lelaki dan wanita dapat pulang
mengadap Allah dalam keadaan istimewa disisiNYA...

"Berpeganglah kamu sekelian dengan tali Allah dan janganlah kamu
berpecah-belah, dan ingatlah nikmat Allah atas kamu, seketika kamu
bermusuh-musuhan telah dipersatukanNya hati kamu semuanya, sehingga dengan
segera kamu telah menjadi bersaudara dengan sebab nikmatNya.(Ali- Imran:103)

Pada hari itu (hari qiamat) manusia diberitahu akan segala yang telah dikerjakannya dan yang telah ditinggalkan. Bahkan manusia itu, anggotanya menjadi saksi terhadap dirinya sendiri, walaupun dia berperi-peri memberikan alasan untuk membela diri "

p/s: wAllahu'alam. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui dan semoga setiap dari kita mendapat hidayah dan petunjuk dari Allah untuk memahami kejadian2 Allah.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson

This morning, i got new that MJ had just pass away.
*InnalIllah, wa inna Ilaihi rajiun...*
sad2* :'( Alhamdullilah, he got hidayah from Allah before he pass away.

this the song that i remember most about MJ. other song including thriller, beat it and others.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

At last! Rubik Cube

picture explain a thousand word... well, video says billion of unneccessary words. haha.

Last week, i dont remember when, my mum bought me a rubik cube, which i been trying to search for about ages. huhu. it's just RM1.99, compared to the one that i found in toycity which is about RM30. wth.
well, enough about getting the rubik cube. as soon i got a hold of the rubik cube, immediately i try to solve it according what i had learned years ago. unfortunately, when you learn halfway, halfway you got.
truth about rubik cube, it have systems and steps to solve.
myth, it can't be solve by just silly, random twisting and hoping that it will magicly solved. no, it doesn't goes like that.

people said u must be brilliant to learn how to solve rubik. actually, there are lots of way to solve rubik cube. there are fastest way, and there are the easiest way. my video up there, i think one of the easiest way to learn, eventought you can't be the next world champion by using that way.
in rubik cube, the steps in solving rubik cube is called algorithm. in my video there, i solve one face (or layer) then the next layer (the middle one) and then solve altogether. and it's only about 5 algorithm that i have to memorize. these algorithms is use at different situation.
i found that learning rubik is like learning academic subject. u can either memorize blindly, o try to understand, o memorize then understand. in this matter, since rubik cube is 3-dimensional puzzle, trying to understand in the 1st place might just confuse you. so i memorize the algorithm, then try to understand why the algorithm is that way. and it take me 6 hour to learn how to solve a rubik cube, and 3 days to memorize the algorithm.

enuf said, im proud i been able to learn how to solve a rubik cube.

p/s: thanks Allah the Greatness coz creating mind. human mind is creative.
p/p/s: credit to Dan Brown

Friday, 19 June 2009


lately ade orang tanya aku, ape yang hilang. sebab aku letak status aku kt ym "hilang".
ni jawapannye...

aku hilang...
semangat... : dok umah xde kje asek men gem ngn surf tenet. mne smangat tak ilang.
percutian... : smalam aku bgtau bapak aku, aku nak g bercuti ke melaka. then bapak aku tanya, knape nak g cuti jauh2? duk rumah je la. huhu. down gle xdapat g jalan2.
kereta... : aku xde kete pun. sje kecoh. teringin la nak kete...
rubik cube... : kenapa kedai yang jual rubik cube tu dulu da ilang? huhu. baru nak memasterkan diri maen rubik cube. leh impress gadis2 murahan tepi jalan. haha.
awek... : ni paling sedih skali r. actually aku msh berpunya. tapi lately awek aku sibuk la pulak... da 3 bulan ktorang da jarang msg, calling2, vc. dulu dia cakap aku sibuk nak pro xm. skang ni dia cakap dia sibuk nk final xm. nasib badan dapat awek laen course.
sibling... : dorang da abes cuti. tinggal la aku sorang2 kat umah. huhu.

tu je kot...
kalau aku teringat ape yang aku hilang nnt aku add.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Korang penah dengar x perkataan malingsia? Maling tu perkataan dari indonesia yang maksudnya pencuri. jadi malingsia tu lebih kurang macam malaysia pencuri la. tak silap aku, malingsia tu, coined sebab orang indonesia marahkan kita panggil diorang indon.
Kepada orang indonesia, mintak maap la klo korang terasa ktorang panggil korang indon. sebetulnya, ktorang takde niat nak menghina. tapi mungkin ade sesetengah orang je yang merasakan indon tu hina. bagi aku, manusia ni sama je.
indon vs malingsia?
tak paya la nak gadoh2. kita ni serumpun. aku ni keturunan banjar. dari indonesia juga. walaupun takleh cakap banjar, tapi aku tetap mengakui aku ni keturunan banjar. buat ape nak malu.
pape pun, enjoy dani dari dewa19 nyanyi lagu madu tiga

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Koleksi Gelak Ketawa

today i decided to collect some funny humour and joke, and post it to Koleksi Gelak Ketawa. do visit it ok.

p/s: and click the ads wont hurt you rite?

Friday, 12 June 2009

Rubik's Cube

lately, i been fascinated by rubik's cube. one of kakno's student show me how to solve the rubik cube last week. but unfortunate for me, i don't have one to practice at home. so while waiting for me to buy a rubik cube, let learn how to solve a rubik cube problem.

great eh?

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tribute to DotA player...

by a sweddish Dj Basshunter. enjoy...

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Free world or Porn World?

internet is a great creation of human mind. people nowadays don't read book as much book as before. when they want any information, they just google it. internet is also famous for it free world. yes, there is part of this world that filter the internet. countries like China do censored the content of the internet. but still, the internet is a great way to access to uncensored, free information. i repeat, UNCENSORED FREE INFORMATION.
i been using internet since Jaring by Mimos Bhd introduce internet in Malaysia. what ive been seeing is, the internet world has been evovle so many times. there are email era, mirc era, blog era, friendster era, twitter era, dialup era, broadband era, wireless broadband era and this certainly will not stop. This internet evolution encourage people to access to the free world of internet.
my point is
is internet really helpful?
im quiet dissapointed, with the advances of information technology, pornography is one of those that able to adapt the technology. imagine this, ive just finish reading about the first malaysian who become astronaut which is Dr. SMS. Then i been wondering, who is the one that coined the word "Malaysia Boleh". I think it is Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. then, what i always do when i in doubt about something, i wikipaedia. but wikipaedia dont have article about it. so what next?
i google "Malaysia Boleh" and...
1. awe***
2. se*-**
3. www.ot***
4. 3**
and many more come out
well, what does this mean? malaysia, as well as malay, has been infiltrate with pornography. worst, it can be synanomously malaysia boleh with pornography. is this what is hope by our ancestor? instead of being labeled as civilised, malaysia boleh become a pornography motto. it is a shame. somebody ought to do something about this.
p/s: similar thing happen when i type malay, rempit, gadis, and even kampung and felda.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Santai kejap....

lawak 1
Rizal ialah seorang lelaki bertubuh kecil yang menjadi saksi suatu kes berat, kelihatan gementar dan gugup ketika diminta memberi keterangan oleh seorang peguam. Dengan suara yang lantang, peguam itu bertanya,adakah anda sudah berkahwin?. Sudah, Tuan. jawab Rizal dengan suara yang tersekat-sekat.
Peguam : Sudah berapa kali, kamu berkahwin?
Rizal : Sekali sahaja.,
Peguam : Dengan siapa kamu berkahwin?
Rizal : Seorang perempuan, Tuan!
Kerana panas mendengar jawapan dari Rizal, dengan marah, peguam berkata, Tentulah kamu berkahwin dengan perempuan. Kamu pernah dengar ke ada orang yang kahwin dengan lelaki?
Rizal : Ada tuan, adik perempuan saya berkahwin dengan lelaki, tuan.

lawak 2
Pada suatu hari, seorang wanita berbangsa Filipina di Sabah menaiki sebuah teksi di Kota Kinabalu. Pemandu teksi itu pun bertanyakan kepada wanita tersebut Cik mau pigi mana? Wanita itu pun menjawab Tolong hantar saya pi kampung Dangir ya.Pemandu itu pun hairan, sejak 10 tahun menjadi pemandu teksi, dia belum pernah mendengar nama kampung itu.Oleh kerana tidak tahu lokasi kampung itu, dia bertanya sekali lagi kepada wanita tersebut.Cik, di mana bah itu kampung Dangir?Alamak, encik ni pemandu teksi baru ka? Itu kampung Dangir sana di dakat kampung Likas bah, dakat itu tapak pembinaan bangunan kerajaan yang baru itu jawab wanita itu.OOOh di sana, bah mari la aku hantar kamu kata pemandu teksi itu.Lalu pemandu teksi itu pun menghantar wanita itu ke tapak pembinaan itu.Setibanya mereka di tapak pembinaan tersebut, wanita itu pun berkata Nah kan, kamu tahu juga bah tempat ni, tengok papan tanda yang di situ itu ada tertulis nama kampung ini kata wanita itu menunjukkan jarinya ke sebuah papan tanda di situ yang bertulis DANGER (merbahaya).Selepas kejadian itu, pemandu teksi tersebut telah meninggal dunia kerana ketawa terbahak-bahak sehingga Strok menyerangnya.
p/s:yg ni aku pnah dgr tym aku g sabah aritu. senior aku bg.. hehe.

amek kat Lawak Today

Happy Wedding

More WEDDING graphics

Macam biase la, ble tgh cuti skola ni, ramai la yang kawen. member kawen, sedara kawen, jiran kawen. yg x knal pn tbe2 leh jd knal. teringat aku kt satu ayat Quran ni yg bgtau kite yg manusia ni diciptakan pelbagai untuk kite berkenal-kenalan. Allah jdkan manusia pelbagai kaum bkn ntuk berperang, sebaliknya berdamai.
Jd kesempatan ni aku nk wish Selamat Pengantin Baru kt...
1. Sepupu aku, abang amin. (kuantan)
2. bdak batch aku, zubir. (kelantan)
3. bdak batch aku, kak shark. (sarawak)
4. bdak batch aku lg, ipin. (tp dia kawen da bbulan2 da)
3. bdak batch aku lg, jibah n bf dia sumi (bkn batch aku) tp dorang lmbt ag kot.

aku ni bile la agaknye eh....

awek aku.... (muke kene censored sebab takut orang curi)

Monday, 1 June 2009


i donno what is wrong with my older sisters.
last nyte, when we (my family and I) going back home from my cousin's wedding, i said to my father that i want a car. but my damn sister said "sok abah g belikan keta mainan ntuk emi". what the hell? im seriously talking with my father that i wanted a car. well, actually, i need a car. but having her said that, im literally morale down.
why? why on earth (or heaven) she said that? why can't she support me instead of saying that?
why? didn't i deserve a car? i 101% sure that she know that car is important in student life. but when i wanted a car, she always reject the idea. well, there are reasonS why i need a car. i repeat, I NEED A CAR. first, i live off campus. my hostel and my campus is 15minutes away with car. can u imagine? what happen if i overslept? what happen if i miss the bus? what happen, when im left alone in the hostel. how am i suppose going anywhere when there is no transportation? second, it is hard for me to go the town. the town is about 10km. i got no motorcycle, no car. then how can i buy my food? toileteries? go to bank? shopping? do i have to borrow my roomate motorcycle everytime i want to go to the town? certainly those who have car will reluctantly lent me their car. third, i have aunt and uncle living nearby. and everytime raya, they will 'perli' me saying that y i dont come to their house. bcoz i dont have a car.
well, there are 1001 reasons why i want car, but for those who reading my post, surely u understand that i need car.
damn you!

Thursday, 21 May 2009


i don't know what to post today, so i'll would like to introduce to one of my best friend...

his name is muttaqee. we call him taqee.
what do you see here is he taking a picture of a small crab.
he like taking picture using his dslr. his parttime jobs is taking wedding pics.
u can see his pics at
p/s: ape aku mepek ni. xkesah r, janji korang nmpk yg dia tekun tangkap gambar. hehe.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My 1st Professional Exam

I've just finish my 1st Pro Exam which was 18th may till 20th may.
these are the question that come out.

1. Describe the arterial supply of the heart.
2. Write on hepatitis B virus.
3. Brief overview on haemostatic response and thrombosis.
Short Note
2.regulation of plasma calcium concentration.
3.falciparum malari
4.Gross anatomy of appendix
5.main sources of classical islamic sciences.
well, this one quite ambiguos coz there is no definite question that been ask. mixture of COPD, dengue, hypertension but there is question about respiratory regulation, starling force of capillary exchange and renin-aldosterone-angiotensin system.

congratz to those who been called for distinction candidate and good luck for all who taking viva tomorrow.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Happy Teachers Day

Happy Teachers Day to all teacher around the world. Special dedication for teachers that had teach me especially teachers from
- Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan (2) Jalan Semenyih, Kajang
- Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tinggi Kajang, Kajang ( Kajang High School)
- MRSM Muar
- Matriculation Centre, IIUM (now known as Centre For Foundation Studies)
- IIUM Kuantan Campus

Sunday, 17 May 2009


if anybody ask me if im an avid football fan, well, im not.
football is just another sport for me. but i think its worth for me to post here about football around the world recently.

EPL, Serie A Italy and La Liga, the mains football league with huge fan worldwide. EPL - English Premier League - which based in England, Serie A Italy and La Liga which based in Spain had this very interesting similarity. They all have found the winner.
As expected, Manchester United had won the EPL, while La Liga won by Barcelona with 3 more games, and Inter Milan, coach by *The Special One* José Mourinho won the Serie A Italy.

Truly, The Special One has show his magic again. Even though Inter Milan lost to MU in Champion League, but the magic that Mourinho cast upon Inter Milan surely make the fans very happy.

well, how Bundesliga and Scottish Football League? have they found the winner?

Friday, 1 May 2009

Resipi Masak Macaroni

hehe, mst korang terkejut bace post aku pasal resipi. bukan ape, aku nak berkongsi ngan korang resipi macaroni ni. aku dapat ilham masak macaroni ni dari awek aku. cite nye cani. aku skang class da abes. so nak g klua makan susah. transport takde. jadi aku beli la telur, sardin, roti ngn megi. satu ari tu, awek aku sound...

"jangan makan megi je. exam ade ag. nanti beku plak kepala tu".
"abeh tu nak makan pe? nak masak tak pandai..."
"masak macaroni."
"huu... sini xde periuk. kuali ade r. kuali letrik. oven jauh skali. cane nak masak macaroni?"
"xya ade bende2 tu sume. ketel letrik pn da ckup"
"ye? xrosak ke ketel tu?"
"pandai2 r. nak makan ke x?"

huhu. then dia pon bagi la aku satu resipi.

Resipi Macaroni Ngan Sup Cendawan
-sup cendawan. Sup Cendawan Campbell ok kot. dalam RM4 ntuk tin 305g.
-macaroni. elbow san remo RM4 ntuk 500g
-ketel letrik

-alat penimbang. (xde?, aku pn. tp ade cara lain ntuk gantikan penimbang)

ok, tiap orang ade laen2 peralatan, so aku akan tunjukkan cara aku, n alternative yang boleh guna.

1. mula2, masak macaroni sampai lembut.
  • klo makan sorang2, 100g macaroni pn da cukup. hmm... cane nk timbang?
  • cara aku : 100g = 500g/5 kan? jadi aku try ukur pkai cawan aku ni. 500g dpt 2 stengah cawan. jadi stengah cawan = 100g. hehe. xya beli penimbang.
  • = 200g. jdi amek stengah je k.
  • alternative: korang cari la bekas ke, cawan ke, pape la yang korang rase leh bahagi 500g macaroni kepada 5 ntuk dapat kan 100 g. tp klo korang makan ramai2, 500g tu leh makan ntuk 7 orang.
  • cara aku: spe yang ade periuk atau ketel bentuk mug, leh sambil masak air ngn macaroni.
  • alternative: masak air dalam kettle dulu, then rendam macaroni dalam bekas laen.
  • masak macaroni sampai lembut. klo pkai care aku, 10 min leh lembut. tp spe pkai ketel tu... aku rse 15min kowt.
  • toss air smp kering. (jangan toss macaroni plak. membazir)

tq haidar bagi pinjam ketel letrik.

2. Masak sup cendawan
  • part ni lagi senang. aku prefer beli sup cendawan dalam tin daripada yang serbuk. aku prefer sup cambell sbb vono xsedap sangat, tapi depend. ade orang suke makan vono.
  • klo sorang makan, ckup stengah tin je.
  • msukkan sup cendawan dalam mangkuk. stengah tin je tau.
  • then tuang air panas dalam mangkuk. sikit2 sebab takut cair sangat.
  • siap!

sup cendawan dr campbell.

3. Campur sup cendawan ngn macaroni. sedia dimakan.

Td resipi yang awek aku bagi. time aku g beli belah mencari bahan mentah, aku ternampak sup spagheti. tringin plak nak makan. so aku try resipi aku sendiri. hehe. trial n error beb~ (quote dari awek aku)

Resipi Macaroni Ngn Sos Spagheti
Bahan2 same macam kat atas, cume ganti sup cambell ngn sos spagheti. spe yang xtau cane nak wat sos spagheti, dont wori. beli je kat kedai. ade dalam rm4 kot 1 botol 350g.

1.masak macaroni. same ngan kat atas.

2. tuang sos kat macaroni. tuang la ikut suke. aku suke tuang dalam 5 sudu besar je. nak jimat. hehe.

sos spagheti. abeh da~

3. hehe. mudah kan? tapi ade beberapa precautios. sos macaroni boleh rosak sebab fungus. jadi spe yang takut2 tu, masak la dlu sos tu. aku pnah try campur ngn air panas, xjadi sbb cair sangat. terpaksa gak masak pkai kuali. spe ade oven tu kira bonus la.

mudah kan? seswai ntuk bdak2 asrama, hostel, kolej, mahallah, yang limited apparatus ntuk masak. yang penting variasikan makanan.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Good Luck Exam

The topic say by itself...

Good Luck Exam sume. May God bless us.

Monday, 27 April 2009

iklan rhb bank

semalam time tgk berita kt tv3, nmpk iklan RHB Bank ni. it was hillarious~

Sunday, 26 April 2009

any subject that i can study?

weird huh? yeah. i keep on whining on study. why? mybe because i'm now very stressful preparing for my 1st professional exam, which on 18th to 20th may. but that other story.

i found that, in studying medicine (and i believe other subjects too), there are three type of, i donno wat is it - things maybe, in learning sumthing.
that is:
  • calculation
  • understanding
  • memorization
It's very hard to find calculation in medicine, so what left is understanding or remembering.

im not good in remembering, and i find understanding medicine subjects are much more easier.
Topics that need understanding come with varies way.
  • some are simple flow (a→b→c)
  • some come with relation (azmi is son of dr. rosilah, aman is son of makcik ilah, dr. rosilah is makcik ilah's sister, so azmi and aman are cousin)
  • some are just simple sense (if you cut blood vessel, it will bleed, right?).
actually, it give me some relief that some, if not most, of subject in medicine are topics that need understanding. but having to says so, medic is always medic. it will never run away will memory. to be a doctor, someone have to have good memory. for example, yes if you cut blood vessel, it will bleed. but what vessel, artery or veins? these jargon needs to be remembered by hard. it not just that, there are lists of things that you need to memorize to be able to understands. the parasites, the anatomy, the drugs, the antibiotics, and lots of it.
studying medicine not simple. there are things that you need to memorize to be able to understand, and there are also things that need understanding to be able to memorize. irony eh?

p/s: for those who been reading my blog, sory, im very stressful now. and whining really help me relieve my stress. hehe. nyeah, my english sux. who care?

Friday, 24 April 2009


Maryam, guru kelas Tadika menganjurkan satu permainan yang sungguh menarik untuk murid-muridnya. Setiap murid diminta membawa beg plastik yang berisi pisang yang tertulis nama orang yang paling mereka benci ke kelas pada esok hari. Jadi, jumlah pisang yang perlu dibawa bergantung kepada jumlah orang yang dibenci.

Keesokan harinya, setiap murid membawa beg plastic berisi pisang masing-masing. Ada yang membawa tiga biji, ada juga lima biji dan paling banyak lapan biji. Semuanya sudah ditulis nama orang yang paling mereka benci.

"Sekarang simpan pisang tu. Jangan lupa bawa ke mana sahaja kamu pergi selama seminggu. Inilah permainannya. Selepas seminggu, kita akan tahu keputusannya" beritahu Cikgu Maryam. Kanak-kanak tersebut menyimpan pisang masing-masing di dalam beg.

Hari demi hari berlalu, pisang tersebut mula berbintik-bintik dan akhirnya menjadi busuk . Kanak-kanak itu mula merungut dan marah. Mereka tidak menyukai permainan itu lagi kerana selain beg berat, badan berbau busuk. Ada yang menangis, enggan meneruskan permainan.

Seminggu berlalu, pagi-pagi lagi murid-murid Maryam sudah bersorak. Permainan sudah tamat. Tidak ada lagi beban dan bau busuk yang perlu dibawa.

"Okey semua, apa rasanya bawa pisang dalam beg ke sana ke mari selama seminggu?" tanya Cikgu Mayam. Semuanya serentak mengatakan mereka benci permainan itu. Mereka hilang kawan, sering diejek dan terpinggir. Lebih teruk lagi, terpaksa tidur, makan, mandi, bermain dan menonton TV dengan bau busuk.

"Itulah sebenarnya yang berlaku kalau kita simpan perasaan benci pada orang lain dalam hati. Bau busuk kebencian itu akan mencemari hati dan kita akan membawanya ke mana saja kita pergi. Jika kamu sendiri tidak boleh tahan dengan bau pisang busuk hanya untuk seminggu, cuba bayangkan apa akan jadi kalau kamu simpan kebencian sepanjang hidup kamu" beritahu Cikgu Maryam.

Maryam mengingatkan anak muridnya supaya membuang jauh-jauh perasaan benci daripada membebani hidup. Kemaafan adalah yang terbaik. Menyayangi lebih baik darpada membenci.

Moralnya, jangan letak pisang dalam beg. Jangan simpan kebencian, dendam kesumat dan apa-apa yang mazmumah dalam hati.. Macam pisang yg makin membusuk, begitu juga hati.


Thursday, 23 April 2009

why I cant score in medic?

before you read my post, don't say I'm "tdak bersyukur" at the end of the post. okay, here the things is....
I've been studying medicine for 2 years now, but I still feel I don't like medic.
1. If you don't like medicine, why do you take medicine?
A. As usual, I been FORCED to take medicine. By my parent. My dad actually.
2. Why don't you talk to your dad.
A. What, now? After I been taking two years of medicine? owh, you mean before I take medicine? ok2. actually, I says so to my dad. I says sumthing like this, "I don't hate medic, but medic is not my 1st choice". when I think back, I should say, "I hate medic, medic is not what I want, I have passion in math, I hate medic" to my dad. but at that time, I donno what are learning medic is all about. so now here I ended up.
here another thing. I really try make a "coalition" with my mum and my eldest sister to support me. My mum don't really care what I want to do, I got her support. but, it turn out that my mum cant go against my dad. so my mum said "why don't you finish taking the medicine, then after you finish your medicine, you go to field that have engineering related in medicine". well, now, I got problem with studying medicine. to finish medicine and do engineering related medicine is another story. the saddest part is, when I ask my eldest sister to support me, she say "azmi, U are a brilliant student, U can do medicine". now, this is what I call pressure. first, I not brilliant, especially subject that need reading, for example history, Islamic input and BIOLOGY. I just good at math. how I can score these reading subject in SPM is, I do lot of past year question. actually, I really sux at reading subject.
here another sad things, everybody I know said, "take medic, minat will come later" is it so? after failing some of the exam, and lots of problem with my study, instead become more minat, I become more hated to medic. my passion goes deep into sea. I got no spirit anymore. day after day, I becoming more and more sad.
3. So what do you want to take?
A. actually, I want to do math, or engineering.

I hope that this will get better when I going to clinical year in 3rd year. I hope bedside learning is much more fun. I hope I can found my lost spirit, there in hospital. I hope the doctors in clinical years is not so kejam with me. I'm so tired of learning.... I miss my old time (sound like old man eh?) doing some calculation, math problems happily (yeah, I really enjoy doing math. you can call me nerd, I don't care).

p/s: Z, if you reading this, yeah, you and I have similar problems. I got problem with my study, that I might one day decide that I'm going to change course. God, this is so frustrating.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


guys, ive been thinking of reactivation my blog. it been ancient since ive last update this blog.
but i got pro xm next month, so im very busy focusing on the exam. wish my will to update this blog is still strong after the exam.
... yeah, it might sound serious, but again, i still thinking.

Iklan Je...