suke ati aku la nak update ke x.

Saturday, 21 May 2005

i feel sooo dizzy...

i feel very dizzy. i just now, i just vomit this morning's food. eeuuwww.
maybe because my sleep schedule is not organized. sometimes, i sleep at 12 midnight and wake up at 10 am tomorrow. and sometimes, i sleep earlier and still wake up at 10am. sometimes, i sleep whole night, but still wake at 10 am. so unhealthful.
maybe wut rienas said is true
riena said

maybe ur imunities is not powerfull enough.

p/s: my...., even to type this feel very hard.


actually, i always wanted to have my own forum. so i search entire web. and then i found it at
so i made one. if u all want to go there, click at my forum

Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Surat tawaran dah sampai!~

well, kinda excited.

actually, i decided to do medic coz' i want to be 'doktor mata'.
but after read the surat tawaran, i think i should think again. i will choose the one that offer me best; either UTP, UIA or BPG.


Tuesday, 17 May 2005

New Looks

i'm kinda boring so i decided to change my blog's look. my last blogskin's theme is green, and now is black. so everything looks black.

muahahaHAHAHAHA. }:-E

Friday, 13 May 2005

my UTP status

akhirnya, dapat jugak jawapan ari tu nye interview kat tronoh.


berjaye gak akhirnye. dapat study E&E engineering kat UTP, siap scholarship lg.
tp, bpk aku suruh aku amik medic kat uia. dah confirm pon bleh dapat.
ni yg buat aku dlm dilemma ni. antara cita2, keluarga dan mase depan.

klu nak tgk kan, engineer skang dah ramai menganggur. kecuali klu kerajaan mengambil langkah drastik, semakin engineering degree holder akan menganggur. teringat plak kat sokkabar ade bgtau, ade sorg industrial mekanikel engineer degree holder ni, keje kat kedai makan bapak dier je.

p/s: korang agak2 mne lg baik, doktor ke, engineer?

Now I know

know i know why i don't felt like want to post my blog.
because, my fingers are to tired. as i wake up, i turn on the computer, surfing internet and chating. then i play games till nite. at the time, i sometime chat too. at the end of the day, my fingers are tired to post my blog. hehe ;P

Thursday, 12 May 2005

do any body out there know wut is PPT?

well, i know wut PPT means. it mean Pingat Pekerti Terpilih. but i don't know wut the funtion of this medal.

yesterday, my father got this letter from Istana Sultan Selangor. It written there that my father got this PPT. well, the PPT is extention to somebody's name, such as PJJ, PJK, so my father was very excited - even thought his leg still not fully cure -.

today, my father go to shah alam to take his pays, it been 5 month since he got his last pay. and u know wut, his pay is 32 thousand ringgit. plus 27 thousand ringgit he got from his coop. so, he went home with almost 60 thousand ringgit in his pocket. can u imagine it?

Sunday, 8 May 2005

MRSM Muar's website new look

mape, bdak maktab aku dulu tanye aku, tahun tahun ke 25 maktab kte ye?
aku a'ahkan jerk. pastu dier ckp website MRSM Muar dah berubah bentuk. aku pon cek ah.

pergh!.. cantik syiol. respect gle r. pastu bleh register nme plak tu. hormat seh~.
spe2 yg berminat, terutamenye bdak MRSM Muar leh cek kat website dier ok!. just click to the MRSM Muar.

Saturday, 7 May 2005


lately, i'm so greenie. first my blog, then my email, then my friendster and now...., ummh, wat next? mmm.

Well, tomorrow is mother's day. so....

Happy Mother's Day
to all mothers out there

Thursday, 5 May 2005

my new look!

well... i feel bored wif the old look. so i think i would just change it.
at first, i thought mayb i just put blogskin. but the skin just wont work out. so i change back to old template, then i change one by one.

and... WALLA!, this is the new look!

p/s: i congratz to myself bcoz of this. ;-P

Chelsea lost

yes, yes.
I know i'm a lil'bit late.
Nak wat camne. aku kt umah makcik aku kat KL. ade interview ngan BPG

Yg peliknye, camne chelsea bleh kalah. ari tu dah menang EPL, takkan EUFA xleh nak menang kot.

sbenarnye, ari tu ari jadik my honey 'B'. kwang3x xpatut btol.ade ke patut, aku celebrate diernye bedey ngan tengok bola. dah tu, kalah plak tu. hampes je. lg baik tido.

Iklan Je...