suke ati aku la nak update ke x.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

1st end posting exam

i don't know how to say it....
i think i'll go with this...

"lot to tell, but nothing to write"

that what happen to me when im not in the mood of writing anything. or i just simply out of so call writer's punch.

ok, i just finish my 1st clinical posting exam today.
my exam start at 9am with long case. long story cut short, the clerking was smooth, except for that i don't know what to ask to the patient. i expecting the patient having A-fib due to the palpitation, but i didn't find any A-fib sign such as pulse deficit and irregularly irregular pulse. luckly for me, i got extra time to clerk the patient. i suppose that i have to clerk the patient in one hour but somehow, the doctor came late and i've extra time around 30minute to rearrange my "script".
the presentation wasn't so smooth at all i think. just my style, everything i present, i'll present confidently (but heck, only God know that im soooo nervous inside, and not so confident). but having say that, i dont think that my presesentation goes well because the patient supposely have irregular pulse but i just can't appreciate it. and the discussion wasn't go well too.
-lot to tell, nothing to write- i guest i stop here for the long case with Dr. Hilmi
then my short case at 11am, with Dr. Marzuki.
huhu, my 3P was good, except for that i forgot to inspect the patient from the end of the bed. (deduct one mark!). my examination goes well, except for some bumpy here and there (hehe, i tink when u got nervous, everything will just go haywire, wasn't it?). but the most disappointing is that, i miss the finding. i been ask to examine the respi system. but i can't find any finding. the patient should have pleura effusion, but i didn't find any crep, reduced chest expansion or reduce vocal tactile. what a waste. the doctor try to help my, by asking me to repeat my examination, twice!. but still i can't appreciate the finding. the discussion wasn't goes well to.
-lot to tell, nothing to write-

this what happen, when u don't go ward often. but... my case is even unique. let me restate back my statement...
this what happen, when, u do go to ward, but u didn't meet the patient. or u do meet the patient, but u didn't properly clerk the patient or examine the patient.
was a waste.

just pray that i'll pass my examination, eventhough i didn't do it well. hmm....

Sunday, 11 October 2009

puterabemi... pailnail... and google?

google wasn't a great search tool after all.

have you ever wonder, what might come out when you search your own nick name?
i google PuteraBemi.... and these were come out...
1. my youtube channel. wth? da la ade 2 3 junk vid je
2. my gamespot account. again... wth? this was when im in matric. i love diablo game back then. hehe. waiting for diablo 3.
3. yahoo profile. where this come from?
4. hmmm... this was quite recent. saje nak maen quiz kt mirc
5. well... this is my darkside. haha.

ok... now where is my blog?
let try pailnail then..
1. what the hell? google recommend pail nail?. ok2 let skip the recommendation

1. merchantcircle... never been there.
2. enchantedlearning. haha. child books
3. another online shop site
4. apakah?
5. another merchant site
6. at last... my blog site.

see.... my blog wasn't the famous site after all. haha.
yes2. we blogger, write blog so people will read it, but when people read our blog, we hope that we wasn't that famous. haha.

tingtong sebentar...

this will be another rubbish post...

let start with this picture...
true eh?

another pix....
good one here..

but my fav is always this pix
why so serious~
always remember how joker (Heath Ledger) say it.

Friday, 9 October 2009


arini aku rase aku sangat bangang.

b4 pape, klo korang yg salu follow aku pny blog ni, mgkn korang aku terkejut kerana post ni akan jumpe banyak sangat perkataan vulgar.. yes. vulgar word. arini aku nk mengamok. mengamok kat diri aku. jd klo korang ni berhati lembut, jangan bace post ni.

korang masih membace post ni? read at your own risk. what next is very2 vulgar and obnoxius. i don't want any of my friend to read this. i just want to write. i dont want people to read, but yet i write it. i don't know why.

so for those who read this, please forget what had i wrote, and please forgive me for my rudeness...


aku memang selfish, yg stupid lagi bangang.
sbb pe bangang? sebab aku ni buta.
buta sbb xnampak kesalahan sendiri.
dala selfish, da tu xnmpk plak sendiri buat salah
obviously salah, tp still xnmpk


da la buat orang tension, lagi xperasan.
ramai da orang benci kat aku
but still aku xbuat pape ntuk perbaiki keadaan


aku harap pasni aku akan berubah
perubahan yang positif
to be better man
to be better people
to be better muslim
to be better brother
to be better son
to be better friend
to be a better man~

no more stupid selfish yang bangang.
think before you do ok.

actually, bemi x brani pn bace post bemi ni blk. huhu. bemi ni takut. takut dengan mase lampau bemi. banyak da bemi buat silap. bemi takut bemi akan jadi malu sebab kesalahan lame bemi. bemi takut bemi jadi pasif sebab kesalahan bemi dulu. bemi takut bemi dhantui kesalahan lama, then bemi x berkembang.

tp bemi salah... sejarah sepatutnya mengajar kita. sejarah la yg akan menyebabkan kita berkembang. bemi... u need to learn to accept what you have done before. please read back you old post, and reflect back what have u done... do you remember what have u done? do u think u will not repeat your old fault? please bemi, u got lot to learn....

Aku mau kawen~

i wanna marry~ (who doesn't anyway?)
ade ke ibu gelak ble bemi cakap bemi nak kawen? huhu..
tapi ibu cakap, bemi laki, kena la kerja dulu.

Kompang Dipalu
kompang dipalu, pengantin baru
duduk bersanding, tersipu malu
kompang dipalu, pengantin malu
moga bahagia, ke anak cucu

kami doakan moga berkekalan
selamat sejahtera hingga akhir zaman

(ulang chorus)

mempelai tersenyum manis
air mawar direnjis-renjis
bunga manggar indah berseri

senyum tawa dan gembira
sanak saudara semua
oohh, indahnya

merahnya inai dijari
tanda kasih sudah termateri
ikatan raja sehari

hari yg dinanti-nanti
sudahlah menjelma kini
kekal dan abadi

selamat pengantin baru
moga kekal ke anak cucu
selamat pengantin baru

(ulang semua)
(ulang chorus)

ni ntah sape pny ntah. just dgr je lagu. hehe.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Inalillah wa Innailaihi, rajiun...

Takziah diucapkan kepada, taqi, faidhi, sarah and the gang.
As u read this, u might think that somebody has died. no. nobody died yet. tp bile ade musibah dtg, kita disunatkan untuk mengucapkan innalillah wa innailaihi rajiun, sebagai peringatan kepada kita bahawa kita ini makhluk dan hamba Allah yang lemah.

Firstly, takziah kepada muttaqee. dia excident 2 minggu lepas, mase on the way balik ke kuantan dari johor, hari ahad. dipercayai, dia excident kat mersing-kota tinggi. excident sbb spin off n rolling kt corner. Alhamdullilah, no body injured (taqi je pn dlm kete tu) tapi the car is almost total damage.
tribute to the car...

2nd, takziah juga kepada sarah and the gang, juga excident kereta. excident on the way g ke temerloh, isnin pagi. dipercayai juga, excident sbb nk potong lori, tapi gagal, but then almost bertembung ngn kereta dr depan. but manage to evade, but unfortunately, jatuh dalam ditch. they are all injured and were warded.

Takziah juga pd faidhi, yang da demam 2 hari da. demam teruk gak la.

Pape pun, doakan la mereka supaya dapat cepat sembuh. exam 2 minggu je lagi.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Exam... 2 minggu ag. guys, wish me luck for my exam k.
risau gak ni. 1st exam for 1st clinical posting. rase2 cam nk fail pn ade. huhu.

pade nurul, jgn tension2 k.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

while waiting for maghrib prayer...

kalau tengok, bdak2 medik skg da mule pk the money side of the doctor.
everyone of us, have the dream of buying something. will it be for wedding, cars, or even fancies watch.

let start with cars.
taqee:civic 2nd hand and bikin
idi: don't tink have that much money and time to buy a car and bikin. but still thinking of fancy car.
me? well.. i tot of buying savvy. new savvy or 2nd hand savvy? i tink if i want to bikin, a good 2nd hand savvy is okay.
what will i do with my savvy?
1. pasang turbo~
2. makeup baek punya~
but then... come the question, car or wed?

taqee: marry while HO. but still confuse whether to marry 1st or car 1st?
id: marry next year. huhu. but still collecting some money
me? it hard to say. since i been broke up with my girlfriend, i been thinking... patut ke aku mencari semula cinta yang tidak kesampaian ini? i'll tell later about this break up.
but ideally, i want to marry after i finish my HO. i want to save some money, and have a nice weddings. nowadays it require rm5000 just for the majlis. and one or two month of salary cant cover those expenses. like i say, i want a nice wedding, so i need money and planning. i don't want a grand wedding, but then i hv to eat maggi with terung for the whole year. that doesn't make sense.
but how about car? i don't think i should marry 1st then buy fancy car then. coz my wife(upss.. future wife) will surely bising if i spend most of my money to bikin car. you know, to bikin a car, it more like a grand wedding. huhu. it need time and money.

fancy watch?
what is your dream watch? or do you have dream watchS?
this morning we teman din to buy a new watch. since the exam is around the corner and a watch is certainly the most important tool for us to count respiratory and heart rate, din want to buy a good, but cheap watch, but in the same time fancy watch. do you only girl choose thing to buy in hours? guys too. since this watch will be worn for a long time, din take about one hour to buy a watch. while he choose the watch, we been looking some nice watch.
my favourite watch?
1. analog. - look more mechanical
2. big - hehe. maybe this have to do something with self esteem?
3. have all the dials. u name it, tachymeter? months? days? hours? minutes? seconds? or even latitudes?
4. black, white, or black with golden. no2, not gold. gold is antique.
5. for the strap... i still confuse. but usually i like skin. then iron strap. but not rubber strap. rubber is for kids.
u remember your dream watch when you was a kid? is it power rangers? or g-shock? or watch with calculator? it sure give a nice memory back then. hehe.

what are other thing that you want to do when you got your 1st gaji?
these are the thing that might come to you head
1. nice house. a condo maybe?
2. give some to your parent~ banyak da jasa dorang kt kite kan?
3. cars? bikes?
4. weddings?
5. ha! insurance. my friend ade da jadi agent insurance tu~
6. children. haha. xkawen ag tapi da plan duit ntuk anak2 da. advanced
7. charity... umah anak yatim or orang tua?
8. charity again... for those unfortunate, or those NGO that help for unfortunate. MERCY for example?
9. investment... still feel that the money is not enough and try to "grow" the money. nice.
10. save for emergency. you will never know what will happen next.

whatever it is, RM4k for a HO is quite many you know? tapi banyak2 pn, klo nafsu macam2, abes gak. what is important is prioritize, and patient, with some common sense in planning the money. dunia ni sementara je.what is more important is life after death. Semoga Allah menjauhkan kami dari golongan orang yang tamak, boros dan membazir. InsyaAllah...

Iklan Je...