suke ati aku la nak update ke x.

Friday, 29 April 2005

the end of today...

ari ni xde mende sgt r nak tulih, tp....
pagi hari cam biase. petang lepas smayang jumaat, pegi potong rambut.
pastu gi cuci gambar, pastu pg kedai buku beli file folder. nak buat persediaan ntuk interview BPG.

ptg tu balik. dalam pkol 7, tgh sedap2 dengar radio. tetibe dpt msg

mi, ko katne ni?
aku kat umah r. knape, xkan dah rindu kot?
weh, tepon aku bleh x? aku tgh sedey gle ni. sekejap pon jadik la.

tepon r my honey 'B', mne tau ade prob ke. rupernye dier tgh nangis. dier kene kutuk ngan bdak laki ni. mmm, ape nak wat ni? magrib dah dekat, credit nak habih. pastu nak letak dier ckp aku x nak ckp ngan dier plak. hmm, aku kate nanti pkol 10 aku tepon.

tunggu punye tunggu, pkol 10. hampes tul. dier gi library rupernye. dier suruh tepon blik pkol 11.
tunggu punye tunggu, pkol 11.30.

aku : weh! ko camne?
honey 'B' : mmm, dah ok dah. dier dah mintak maap

hampes je. td sampai nak nangis, skang dah ok dah. pastu siap gelak ketawe lg. baru nak tanye ape jadik. dier xnak crite lak.boraknye borak, pkol 12. ape?! dah pkol 12. mm, nak tdo r. say gud nite to her, then to the bed!

Chelsea vs Liverpool

i know i'm a lil'bit late.
the game was very BORING. no goal at all. i thought that maybe Chelsea can win at least 3-0.
while i'm watching the match, i thought of this.
mmmm, diorang main cam bdak skolah rendah je. hampes tul. skejap kat yg merah, skejap dekat yg biru. bosan giler. dah r jersi tu full colour. yg chelsea ngan warna biru, livepool lak dgn warna merah. lg terserlah ke-bdak sekolah-an diorang.

hope the second leg, chelsea will win. eventhough that liverpool can win, but chelsea have shown that they can win as visitor.

Thursday, 28 April 2005

Gi spital, gift shop ngan ..., jalan2

pagi td, teman bapak gi Hospital Kajang buat follow up. Sebulan dah dari eksiden ari tu, mm. nampaknye kaki dier ok jer.
tp, ramai gle patient kat hospital. nasi baik la hospital tu kat tengah2 bandar kajang. ape lg, kluar r jejalan mase bapak wat follow up.

memula jenjalan dulu. jam baru pkol 9.30 pg. ade ke kedai yag bukak lg?
xpe r. jalan punya jalan, teringat plak birthday my honey 'B' makin dekat. gi r lawat gift shop. nak bg ape ye? skali nampak jigsaw puzzle. cam cantik je. 1000pcs harga RM30. bolehla. beli satu, beli siap pembalut, kad ucapan ngan gam. smua2 skali ader r dalam RM 36.60.

dah siap tu, gi plak kat post office. ape leh wat. nak hantar hadiah ke perak. kene r pakai post. hantar pakai biase je. xde gune pos laju. memula tu blur r jugak. first time hantar parcel pakai pos. kat post office plak kene beli barang2 plak. nak bungkus parcel td. beli punye beli. ade r dalam RM 5.

pastu jejalan sekitar kajang. nampak cam biaser je. x banyak perubahan since the last time i went to kajang. ikut abang tengok action figures GUNDAM. bosan gile. nak wat camne, dah kene temankan dier.

habih dah pusing. cam bosan je. gi balik kot hospital. mmm, x habih lg rupernya bapak aku ni. dah tu, disuruhnye jage adik pompuan aku sorang ni. tetibe dier kate nak gi tandas. WTH?!, ape nak wat ni. xkan la nak bawak bdak pompuan ni masuk tandas laki? xkan plak aku nak masuk tandas pompuan? fikirnye fikir. bawak je r bdak ni masuk tandas laki. nasib baik xde orang.

petang tu. hujan lebat gile. pastu blackout plak tu. satu family tido kat ruang tamu smentare tunggu hujan reda.

pergh, hujan lebat gile. baru nak main warcraft. tp dah blackout. well....

Wednesday, 27 April 2005

baru paham bila krajaan ckp diesel habih. kalau korang prasan, kat luar tu ader 5 lori brato, nak isi minyak. tp, minyak habih

UEFA championship

as I thought before, AC Milan win by 2-nil.
This morning, about 2.30 am (gmt+8) a match between AC Milan and PSV Eindhoven.
milan play an agrassive move and get two goal. but, psv too, play a well game.
they got many chances but unfortunately, they don't take the chances wisely.

Monday, 25 April 2005

Allonso win again?!

actually, i didn't watch the san marino racing. (forgot there is a racing there). but nevermind. thanks for The Official F1 Website, i read the news. i think the most outstanding racer is schumi. can you imagine, a racer that start for 13th place end up at second place. just think of it. will schumi take the championship winner from Alonso? hm...

Sunday, 24 April 2005

well.... this thing is mine. do u see the pilot? i have to pay him RM2300 every month to bring me to 'jalan-jalan'. today, i decided that i must show this thing to public, so they will jealous with me. hehehehe, just kidding.

there is a education fair at sg. mas banting. and geust what?! a choper. wau?!. mmm. well i have seen choper before but never been so close like this. mmm, i wonder if ican take this thing home...

Wednesday, 20 April 2005

MARA scholarship

hhmmm, nampaknye xde rezeki r aku kali ni.
td cek kat Mara Website cek pasal scholarship.
masuk-masuk, key-in IC, dier kluar message ni

Mohd Azmi
Maaf, anda tidak berjaya

argg, tensennye, nampaknye xde r pluang aku nak gi study oversea kali. mmm, mungkin lain kali kot.

Monday, 18 April 2005

me, bongeks and sendat

Hari ni aku gi jejalan kat KL, gi times square.
well, i never hop in into monorail before, so this is my first time.
orang kate monorail ni cam x stabil je. rase2 cam ok je.
aku, bongeks ngan sendat cume 'windows shopping' kat kl je.

Sunday, 17 April 2005

Last day at UTP

well kinda nervous, but boring too.

5.00 am : i woke up, but nobody woke up early as me, so i sleep back
6.30 am : woke up again, get some bath and solat.
7.30 am : breakfast, then sleep again
9.00 am : i forgot that i hace date today, but luckily the date is at 9.30, so, i call my honey 'B', confirm place with her. hmm, she also like me, forgot about the date.
9.30 am : waiting, waiting and waiting. so i buy a drink. hmm, she came 15 minute later, well, i just can't mad at her for her unpunctuality.
11.30 am : take a short walk around UTP
12.30 pm : lunch
1.00 pm : well,this part is very nervous.
1.30 pm : i'm in prepare room now, the invigilator give me a case study about enviroment. my mood : VERY NERVOUS and confuse too. the case study is confusing and ambiguous.
2.15 pm : i'm in prepare room now, the room is very cold, i have to wait for 15 minutes b4 i've been called. FYI, i'm the first candidate for my group, so if i late, the other candidate in my group will be late too.
2.30 pm : oh man, i've been called. well, i'm very2 nervous. i walk in to the interview room slowly, give salam, and stand in front of the chair that placed there. then i've been seated. i think my presentation of the case study is sucks. i just repeating the same idea over and over again, mmmh, well i think i can't give my best because the waiting room is very cold and freezing my head.
3.00 pm : now is the grouping interview. hmm, i still feel cold. i think i'm sucks here. i screw up my part. i just can't give my issues. and the worst part is, the interviewer said that my group is the shortest time that he interview. i thought the same too. but to me, i've to finish as fast as i could, not because i want to go home, but i want to get out from there, the room is very cold.
4.00 pm : well, now is the time for me to pack up.

well, i think the UTP very beautifull, but the facilities there is 'gempak', (UTP is somehow is boasting.) i hope that UTP will take me as their student. Amin

Saturday, 16 April 2005

second day

hmmm, one word : boring.
well the critical reasoning test is good but very challenging.
i went to V5 agai, but not to meet my honey 'B' but, to iron my shirt. well not even one educamp candidate bring iron, so i've to go to V5 to use the iron. but the shirt just won't straighten up.
my interview is tomorrow afternoon, so i thought maybe i can meet my honey 'B' for the last time b4 i went home. so, i slept early.

Friday, 15 April 2005

First day at EduCamp UTP

well, this is the first day at UTP

2.30 am : watching footbal match between juventus and liverpool.
4.30 am : the match end, well i think i should bath, so i did.
5.00 am : mmm, the journey start from kajang to tronoh.
8.00 am : well, dah sampai dah kat batu gajah
8.30 am : what, we are lost. hmm, where is the UTP?
9.30 am : at last, we manage to come to UTP, i register straight away. well, there i meet 7 my x-schoolmate.
10.00 am : official opening, so boring, i slept, didn't catch many info there.
1.00 pm : makan!!!, well of course solat after that.
2.00 pm : mm, icebreaking
4.30 pm : make our group logo, motto, and such
6.30 pm : dinner
8.00 pm : mm, a self improvement program named "Desert Survival"
10:30 pm : hehehe, i went to V5 (village for foundation student, which mine village is V1). meet my honey 'B'. he give me my book which i ask her to buy for me.
11.59 pm : tido r ape lg. pnat siol.

well as tomorrow..., i hope there is better programs

Thursday, 14 April 2005

Juventus lost again!

well, i think juventus got their bad day. i wonder, how can they lost to a club that rank no.5 at EPL? mmm. well, liverpool, i hate to say this, but well done.

Wednesday, 13 April 2005

funny, but annoying webpage

hei?!, i just check this webpage. i think this webpage is funny, but a lil'bit annoying. click The Most Annoying WebPage

Well Done Chelsea

well well well... geez, look like chelsea lost, but, chelsea win. how come?!
Okay, look, this morning, about 2.30 am (gmt=+8), there is a match between chelsea and bayern munich. this is the second leg match. that mean, the winner will be the one who got more goal at the aggregrate. since that chelsea win 4-2 last week, and today they lost 2-3, they still win by aggregate 6-5. well done chelsea!!.

Monday, 11 April 2005

my first flash animation. kinda wobly. i create this about 5 am (gmt=+8). [sigh] pnat btol la. dah r ngantuk. tp xpe r. asalkan dpt siap satu animation. walaupon animation tu teruk. at least better drpd x de

Sunday, 10 April 2005

bapak aku eksiden

hmm...., smalam ( 9/4/05 ), lebih kuang pkol 1.25 ptg, bpk aku eksiden moto. tp kecederaan dier minor je. cume patah ibu jari kaki. kete langgar motor. dah r langgar, lari plak tu. yg peliknye, bapak aku kene langgar dr kiri. bpk aku kate dier kat lane kiri, dekat ngan bahu jalan, tp x masuk lg lorong kecemasan. tetibe je kene langgar dari kiri. maknenye kete tu dari lane yg salah, nak masuk jalan, langgar bapak aku. jadik dier r salah. nasib baik ade sorg abg ni tolong dier. bapak aku kate gak camni:
mungkin motor tu merajuk kot. ari tu ade kate nak jual motor tu. tu yg motor tu merajuk. dulu kete biru tu ade kate nak jual. selang brape ari, eksiden kete tu, minor gak. hmm..., x sangke kendraan pon ade perasaan.

apela nak jadik ngan zaman skang ni? ade gak org sanggup langgar lari.
P/S : harap bende ni x jadik kat aku la.

Friday, 8 April 2005

Khutbah Jumaat

Hari ni, khutbah pasal dunia tanpa sempadan. ni adela sikit-skit
Dunia tanpa sempadan juga dikenali sebagai globalisasi. Jika kita tidak berhati-hati, kita akan kecundang. Memang benar dunia tanpa sempadan ini hebat, tetapi, cara hidup dan pemahaman barat akan meracuni pemikiran kita jika kita tidak menguatkan iman kita. Oleh itu, kita tidak harus sahaja bersedia dari segi fizikal, malah mental dan rohani. Janganlah kita terus hanyut dengan dunia yang sementara ini.

Hmmm, tu je yang aku ingat. yang lain lupe, lagipon aku slalu khayal waktu khutbah. hehehe

Yeaaa!!, UTP dah hantar surat panggilan

This afternoon, about 4 pm (GMT=+8), I just surfin' the internet. Then i felt curious "how is my application at UTP", so i surf to UTP application homepage, and guest what ?!, I have just called to come for the EduCamp at Tronoh. That mean that I'm halfway to get in UTP.
But before that, I have to attend the EduCamp at Tronoh from 14th April to 16th April, pray for my success there!
P/S: Wish me luck!

Thursday, 7 April 2005

Yeaaaa!! Chelsea win!!!

This morning, about 2.30am (GMT=+8), a match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. And guest what?!, Chelsea win by 4-2. Joe Cole score one goal at minute 3, while Frank Lampard score two goal at minute 59 and 69, and Drogba score one goal.
Hope they will win again on second leg next week, or at least draw.

Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Liverpool vs Juventus

What?! Liverpool win? no...

This morning, about 2.30am (gmt+8) TV3 show a game between Liverpool and Juventus.And guest what? Liverpool win 2-1.I though juventus gonna win. But Liverpool got two goal for just 25 minutes and Juventus goal his first and only goal at minute 60.

p/s: arggg!!, Liverpool win and I don't pray for that!

Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Just one more 'dumb' quiz

I was so boring. So I surf to some other blogger. Then I read this "Naruto Personality Test". I just curious, which character's fits me? So, I take the quiz, then i got this result. I hate to admit this, but my charcter much more likely like Naruto. I thought my character is more likely like Lee (and I hope so, because I love Lee). But... the result shock me a lil'bit. In a way, my personality is like Lee.

  • My #1 result for the selector, Naruto Personality Test, is Naruto

  • My #2 result for the selector, Naruto Personality Test, is Lee

  • My #3 result for the selector, Naruto Personality Test, is Ino

  • Monday, 4 April 2005

    F1 Race kat Bahrain

    itulah expressi pertama bile aku tengok race ngan bile dah tau dianye result. Bukan ape, michael shumacher kalah lagi.
    kali ni dia x habihkan race. so pity. grid dah second, tp x dpt habihkan race.
    alasannye, technical problem.
    aku ni bukanlah F1 die-hard-fan, tp aku mmg xminat ngan Michael Schumacher. geram tengok, asyik die je menang.
    P/S: aku rase zaman shumi dah jatuh, sampai jentera dia sendirik pon dah tak serasi ngan dia

    Sunday, 3 April 2005

    Which Rowan Atkinson character is I most like?

    Hey, I just wandering around and found this thing. Do you want to know which Rowan Atkinson character are you most like?


    The cute, English accent bird from "The Lion King." Ah, you are wise and clever and although sometimes you may be a dork, you are capable of being funny and overall, you are happy with the way things are in your life.


    malam smalam ade satu kejutan buat family aku.citenye camni.
    bapak aku keje kat KL, so dia tinggal kat kajang, aku ngan family smua kat banting. kakak aku plak, kat UKM.
    biase r kalau bapak aku balik hujung minggu. tp kali ni, bukan dia sorang tp bawak kakak aku balik. rupenye kakak aku kene buat pracical kat skolah b'dekatan. smentare tu dia tinggal kt umah ngan kitorang
    habih r, kalau nak gune komp kene gaduh dulu ngan die.

    kalau korang rase biase je, biase r tu. bukan korang yang kat sini.

    Friday, 1 April 2005

    Khutbah Jumaat

    Hari ni kat Masjid Sg. Lang - tempat aku biase solat jumaat - khutbah psl ILMU
    aku x brape ingat sgt isi2 khutbah tu - psl mase khutbah aku slalu brangan - tp adela skit2.
    die kater dengan ilmu datang amal.
    Dengan ilmu datang amal.
    Tanpa ilmu, amalan x lengkap.
    Dengan ilmu, sempurnalah amalan.
    Umat Islam disuruh belajar supaya tahu akan sesuatu hal itu dgn sempurna.
    Umat Islam tidak digalakkan mengikut sesuatu perkara tanpa usul periksa.

    Khutbah ade cite skit pasal ibadah.
    Ibadah ade 2 iaitu ibadah khusus dan ibadah am
    Ibadah khusus ialah ibadah yang telah ditetapkan.
    Ibadah am ialah ibadah yang x ditetapkan, diamalkan kerana ALLAH.

    mane2 yg baik tu kite jadikanlah amalan


    aku tengok ade p'bezaan ngan blogger baru ngan lama, muda ngan tua.
    kalau ayat 2 pendek2 je (straight to the point), maknanye blogger muda (15-28 thn).
    kalau ayat panjang, meleret, maknanye blogger tua (>31 thn).
    kalau ayat berterabur, blogger baru (baru je nak kenal weblog)
    kalau ayat elok je, bahase maintain, consisten, blogger lame (biase r tu, dah pengalaman)

    kalau nak kate aku ni kategori blogger baru ngan muda. kira aku ni kengkadang terkedu gak tengok org lainnye weblog.

    Tipah Vogue - thanks bebanyak

    aku nak ucapkan thank Q bebanyak kat Tipah Vogue psl bagi tips ntuk jadi super blogger. walaupon org lain kate tips tu cume x sberape, tp dah cukup b'nilai ntuk aku.
    kat sini aku nak kongsi gak kat blogger lain dan org lain yg ingin mulakan weblog


    I was surfing the internet and read some archive. Then i read this story (Rejected - click at the title to read the story). The story is about a friend (PD) of the writer was rejected by the writer best male friend.
    And the best thing is, i got this moral ; the moral of the story is- if the person doesn't love you, no amount of money or effort will buy you that person's true love. So don't go about making things worst by spreading rumours. Get a move on with life. There's plenty more fish in the sea!


    Hari ni aku penat betul.
    sebulan aku keje terus aku lupe nak kemas bilik aku. hari ni baru aku nak kemas. penat. dari pkul 10 sampai la pkul12. dalam pkul 2 aku basuh pinggan. pkul 5 lak aku sapu daun kering kat luar umah. dah la sekeliling umah aku penuh ngan pokok mangga. penuh umah aku ngan daun kering. pkul 7 ade MPKL lak sembur nyamuk. malam ni nak sambung blaja website agi. nak update agi website. Hei...
    xpela. lagipon skang aku dah xde kejekan?

    Iklan Je...