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Saturday, 30 July 2005

home sweet home

aahh..... it good to be at home. i can continue my game ( uplink : the ultimate hacker ). but i go home not for nothing. i have to download movie for silat demonstration next week, find physic note that my sister give me for SPM, and give her back, coz' she want to use them for her practical. and soo many thing to do at home.
just want to say that it good to be home. it's like a family gathering, with zaki coming home too, unfortunately sis can't go home coz' she got a lot work to do.

Thursday, 28 July 2005

This week

I had been very busy lately. My silat training is on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 pm to 12 pm. Sometimes I do my training on Saturday night at 1030 pm to 11.30 pm and on Sunday evening at 6.00 pm.
Damn, this week is very busy for me. First, I have to complete my math assignment, then back home coz’ family matters and I have to train silat for next week demonstration. I was like sleep 1-2 am in the morning, woke up at 5.30 am, sleep after zohor, train silat from 9 to 12 revise a little, sleep at 1-2 am, and it happen everyday this week.
Actually, I love this ‘busy’ feeling. I just don’t know why, but I enjoy it.
The Arabic classes are getting harder. Many new words and grammar that I have to learn.

Guy Sebastian - Kryptonite Lyrics
From the very second baby I already knew
I'll end up head over heels in love with you
Turns out I'm right

I couldn't tell if you were feeling what i felt for you
So i nonchalantly tried to play it cool
I'm tired of lying

But i get lost when I look in your Eyes
Cos my love is so hard to disguise

Baby I can't help this feeling
It's a fight that I know I can't win
There's nothing i can do
So I'm giving up tonight
Cos baby you're my kryptonite

Cos i can't stop thinking of you
I'll be trying not to love you
I'm helpless, girl it's true
So I'm giving up tonight
Cos baby you're my kryptonite

You're love is like a pendulum that's swinging side to side
Got me in a spell and now I can't deny
Girl I'm hypnotised
Cos baby it's the same tomorrow, yesterday, tonight
And i swear that nothing's ever felt so right
I'm yours for life

I get lost when I look in your eyes
Cos my love is so hard to disguise


I've tried so hard to let you go
But I can't escape the way I feel inside
Way beyond denial that we are meant to be in love
So girl I give up, yeah

Lately, there are reader’s complaints that my blog should not be in 100% in English because she or he can’t read my blog. Well, actually I hate to mix English words with other languages. It’s not that I’m that rigid. I can be flexible too. But the wording just doesn’t fits with each other. If I write blog in Malay, I will write it 100%-ly Malay. Indeed, it’s very easy to me to write Malay blog.
Formal Malay
Menulis sebuah blog merupakan antara perkara yang termudah dalam berinternet. Blog diwujudkan (coined) dari perkataan inggeris, web dan log. Blog merupakan salah satu medium untuk pengguna internet mengekpressikan dirinya dan ideanya.

Informal malay
Tulih blog ni mmg sng. Cuma sit-back, fikir dua-tige minit, pastu post je ape kat kapla hotak tu kat dalam gak tak tehad kepada aktiviti harian ngan idea saje, malah nak campak ape2 pon bleh.

Rojak language
Well, I love to write blog. It give me ‘kebebasan’ to write anything that I ‘terfikir’ in my mind. Also, blog give me flexibility to ‘mencampak’ everything that I want to show to other people

The main point I want to show here is that I want to make my blog universal. To make my blog universal, I have to write my blog in English. Well, for blog newbie’s around the world, they can learn what to do with blog by reading my blog and other blogs too.

My sister

Last Sunday, my big sister, Kak No, come to visit me at MCIIUM. It’s been a long time since I’ve meets her, I think maybe more than one month.
She said she will arrive here at 3 pm but until 7 pm, she still doesn’t show herself. Then I called her, she said that she will arrive at 7.30 pm. She said that she just arrive here. Then, we’ll go for magrib prayer.
I thought she is come here alone, indeed, she bring some of her friends too. Fadhli, one of her friend very familiar to the road here, drive them here.
First I thought she came here because there is something other thing to do, that she just drops by to say hi. But she just here just to see me. She want to tell me that I have to go back home this weekend because of family matters.
We then have our dinner at Aika café unfortunately, I want to bring them to aroma café but the café is closed. And one more thing, it was the first time I ate there. I didn’t know that Aika café is dominate by male, so there is no female there. Never mind, we’re special.

Saturday, 23 July 2005

Culture shock

This is what I read from my text book…
Culture shock has several stages, but there are 4 main stages. When people arrived in a new environment, they usually excited and happy. They notice that a lot of things are similar to their own culture, and this surprise them. This is stage one.
In stage two, people notice how different the new culture is from their own culture. They become confuse. It seems difficult to do even simple things. They feel angry and depressed. Hey spend a lot of time with other people from their own culture.
The in stage three, they begin to understand the new culture better. They begin to like some new custom and befriend from new environment. Here they feel more comfortable and relax.
In stage four, they feel very comfortable and happy. They have good friends in the new culture. They understand the new custom. Some custom similar from their culture, and some are totally different, that’s ok. They’re, of course, a member from their own culture, but they become a new member of the new culture. They feel they’re belonging to the new culture. They enjoy their life.
*note that the sentences are litle confusing because I've edited it.*

Before I join MCIIUM, many people said to me that when you become a University student, you will get culture shock. At first, I thought culture shock is just happen at environment, the timetable, the study styles and the freedom ness. I thought I’ve adapt to the change. But not until last week, when the classes has started. I thought I ready for the lecturer and lecture, but actually, I’m not ready for the language. I’ve been learning in my native language, which is Malay, and now, I’ve to study, all in English. Many new words, term and terminologies that I don’t ever hear before. Some term pronounce similar, but some are totally different. I think I’ve to work double hard from now on. No more computer after this.*just joking.*

*edited* i've just read apis's blog. he wrote about culture shock too.

Friday, 22 July 2005

Most busiest day, and my timetable

The English timetable has out on Tuesday night, but the name grouping didn’t come out yet till yesterday. My English classes are at Monday, 8 to 10, Tuesday, 5 to 7, Wednesday, 8 to 10, and Thursday, 5 to 7.
So, my busiest day is Wednesday, and my earliest class is Biology class at 7 on Tuesday
So basicly,
Monday English Arabic 
TuesdayBiology Mathematic English
Wednesday EnglishArabic Mathematic 
Thursday MathematicBiology English
Friday Arabic 

*p/s to riena: weh, ko xpnah bagitau pon batch ko ade 18 kelas. terkejut aku bile bdak jasin citer yang batch korang ade >400 orang. pastu yang straight A je dah >100 orang, patut la hari anugerah maktab ko panggil bdak straight A je.Aku knal Khairi, Afif, Anuar, Fakhrul, Faiz, Aizura ngan Fahmi LDP. yang 5 name terakhir tu aku knal pasal dorang masuk cekak hanafi. tak tau la kalau ade lagi yang aku tak knal. lagi satu, ko waktu F5 klass ape?*

Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Matriculation Centre IIUM

Since everybody keeps asking me, which IIUM I am studying, I would tell where it is here. Well, I study at Matriculation Centre of International Islamic University, which is at Petaling Jaya. All the student who study here is at matriculation level only.
There is 3 IIUM, which IIUM PJ is for matriculation, IIUM Gombak is main campus and IIUM is another campus. Student who continues studies at Gombak is engineering, ICT, economy ETC while Kuantan mainly for student who continue studies in medical, nursing, dentistry, allied health science ETC.
*That's mean, after 4 semester at the matriculation center, I will continue my studies at IIUM Kuantan.*

p/s: no more similar question after this. OK?

*hey PJ!, know this building?*

Monday, 18 July 2005

Zaman Berkembar

Empat orang bakal ayah sedag menunggu kelahiran bayi mereka di ruang rehat sebuah hospital. kegelisahan jelas di riak muka mereka.

Seorang jururawat keluar dari bilik pembedahan lalu berkata pada lelaki pertama, "Tahniah! isteri tuan selamat melahirkan anak kembar dua." "Kembar dua?!, kebetulan saya bekerja di menara kembar Petronas," kata lelaki pertama dengan riangnya.

Beberapa minit kemudian, seorang jururawat lain datang memberitahu kepada lelaki kedua, "Isteri tuan selamat melahirkan bayi kembar tiga. Tahniah!" "Apa?! Kembar tiga! Saya bekerja degan 3D corporation," kata lelaki kedua.

Setengah jam kemudian, seorang jururawat memberitahu kepada lelaki ketiga,"Tahniah! Isteri tuan selamat. Tuan dikurniakan anak kembar empat" kata jururawat itu dengan tenang. " Kembar empat! Sungguh saya tak menduga kejadian ini, saya pula bekerja di four season hotel," kata lelaki ketiga dengan gembira.

Lelaki keempat mula mundar-mandir kegelisahan. Ketiga-tiga lelaki tadi berasa hairan melihat keadaan lelaki keempat itu. Mereka bertanya, " Apa yang merunsingkan awak?" Dengan perasaan gelisah, dia menjawab "Saya bekerja di Seven Eleven"

NorthStar, Classes and Timetable

After two at MCIIUM, at last, I found Zati ( NorthStar ) . huh, long time no see zati! I was attacked by fever last saturday. luckily the IIUM's clinic is open untill 12 am. it's getting better now. *Zati, lepas aku jumpe ko je, demam aku terus baik. pelik?*

The timetables is out, so basicly i know when, where and what class i got, except for english. Seem like i have class everyday except for weekends. Arabic is at monday on 11 to 1, Wednesday at 11 to 1 and friday at 10 to 12. Biology class is on Teusday, 8 to 10, Thursday, 11 to 1 and friday 4 to 5. WHile Math class is on Teusday, 11 to 1, wednesday, 2 to 4 and thursday at 10 to 11.

*to all readers, pray for my success.* after all, my target GPA is 3.77 ( hopefully )

Saturday, 16 July 2005

Rains and First Class

it's never been a single day with rain at last week ( ta'aruf week ) but this week, almost every evening , there will be raining. hmmm, well, it hard for me because i have to wash my clothes and dry them. but with the rains falling, the clothes seem like will not dry. ( ape punye bahase daa...)

Yesterday was my first class in MCIIUM. it was Arabic class. my other class has not yet started because the timetable will be out next week. the class shoulkd be started at 10 am. i'm so eager to come to this class because it have been 3 month i've never been into a class. my last class is english class that i took at Banting College. well, of course, i come to the class as early as 9.45 am. my classmates should be 15 students ( 16 students including me ), 9 females and 7 males. all the semales have come but only 3 males are in the class. meet kewtiau there. i've waited for 30 minutes,and the teacher has not come yet. it's boring down there. so i decided to leaves the class. the authority said that if we ( the students ) didn't come to class 2 times, we will get a warning. but it seem like the students have come but the teacher didn't come yet. maybe there is confusion among the teachers.

My EPT and APT result

my EPT and APT result is out yesterday. for my EPT, mine is level 5 while Arabic, huh, as I thought before, basic level. luckily i've to take only basic level for arabic. My arabic class has started yesterday but no ustaz or usatazah is coming. so basicly, my first class, the teacher himself (or it is herself?) didn't come to class.

Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Ta'aruf week (continue)


Let us come along and get together,
Affirm our faith in God and the Messenger,
Light the flame of love in Him, warm and brighter,
Hold the rope, and trust in Him forever.

Divided we’ll fall, united we stand,
Unity bears the fruit of unification,
Triple I.C.E* is ever our mission,
Excellence in all we do is our vision.

We are the torchbearers, for the Ummah,
Guided by the Quran and Sunnah
Matriculation Centre of IIUM
The gate of the Garden, Knowledge, and Virtue

Chorus 2x

*Triple ICE is Intergration, Islamisation Internasionalisation and Comprehensive Excelence

5th July
-Subuh at mosque
- EPT. The questions seem easy. I hope I can take the second test and past it so I can be exempted from taking English classes.
- The EPT is 3 hour test, starting from 9 am, but I managed to complete it before 10.30 am. I double check my answer, the handed the test paper to the test invigilator.
- went back to my room, wash my cloth coz’ the laundry shop didn’t not open yet.
- The APT. seriously, I don’t even know a word in the test paper. So I just write my name, and hand the test paper to the test invigilator.
- Matric song training (again) at the field.
-Opening ceremony. One word, GRAND. The opening ceremony venue is at field coz’ the AMF hall is too small for >1000 new students. Well, it’s not me, but I think we all do very badly. We sang matric song like we don’t, don’t give applaud to guest of honor and even sleep when the VIP give his speech. Well, the consequences, the ta’aruf week committee were very mad at us. The head committee shout at us, said that how bad our manner at the night.
- Sleep at 2 am

6th July
- woke up at 5.60 am. Feel very dizzy, coz’ sleep for only 4 hour.
- Introduction to Academic service and Finance department. Briefly about academic and courses things.
- Introduction to Student Service
- Cultural night. The committee said there will be different cultural night than last year cultural night. Well, the different is, we have concert for our cultural night. The band for the concert is 2 nasyid bands, Hijjaz and Mestica. Actually, I don’t listen to them much, but their performance that night was fabulous.

7th July
- Fardhu ain test (oral). Luckily I pass the test even though my performance is not good. My quranic recitation was good but when the tester (an ustazah) asks something about fardhu ain, I don’t answer well.
- Motivational talk. One word, BORING. Talk much about Islam Hadhari.

8th July
- Briefing on introduction to Matriculation Centre. Two words, SCORCHING HOT. Imagine we have to gather at the field at 10 am for one hour.
- Bai’ah practice
- Closing ceremony. Much more like the opening ceremony, but with addition of Bai’ah, also known as swear.
- The ta’aruf week is officially closed.

Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Last week, Ta'aruf week

2nd July (The day before registration)
- The ISP is down, don't know why. It’s been 2 days.
- Play some game, my brother, Zaki, recommended a hacker game, "Uplink"
- well, addicted to the game. Play from 2.30 pm till 2.30 am, of course I take some break for solah and eat.

3rd July
- woke up at 6. Actually, I should wake up at 5.30 am. But somehow bro misplaced the alarm clock. Feel a lil'bit dizzy 'coz just sleep for 4 hour.
- Solah Subuh at Dengkil Mosque.
- Arrive at MCIIUM at 7 AM.
- Eat some bread for breakfast.
- The register should be started at 8.30 am. But students are coming early. So the registration counters open at 8 AM.
- First, take a number, I’m one of the students who come early and my number is no. 7
- Registration is at UKC 1, which from outside look new and nice but from inside, the building is just a normal, typical 10-years-old-building.
- After the registration, I was ushered to my room by Ta’aruf week committee member. My room is for 4 peoples, each with their own compartment. I’m the only student who take Medic Course, the others are, 2 for biology science and another for physical science.
- My roommates are very friendly and trustworthy.
- brought in my belonging into my room. Then went out to PJ old town.
- went back to MCIIUM at 10 am. Called my honey ‘B’
- Solah Zuhr at mosque, Solah Asr’ too.
- Dinner
- Solah Magrib
- Briefing on language Proficiency requirement. Talks about English Placement Test (EPT) and Arabic Proficiency Test (APT).
Note: UIAM is the only university in Malayia that insert English subject into credit hour.
- The EPT is quite complicated.
EPT is designed to assess the language ability of candidates entering IIUM. It’s meant to placing student into different level according to their proficiency. The test is designed to cover full range of ability from pre-intermediate to the advanced users of the English
All new students have to take the EPT and if the student get >75% marks, he or she can take another test which if the student pass the second test; he or she will be exempted from taking English classes.
The first test is about grammar, writing skill and reading comprehension. While the second test is about listening and speaking test. I hope I got >75% for the first test, so I can take the second test, (and hopefully pass the test and be exempted from taking English classes). Well, if any student get <75% mark, the student will be placed either level 3 class, level 4, level 5 or level 6 class. And, if any student that take the second test failed, the student will be placed either level 5 or level 6 classes.
_ Rather than the complicated EPT, the APT is quite simple, either pass, or failed. and the pass mark is 20%. Sound easy right? but actually, the arbic test level is very high. only those with Arabic background can answer the questions. well of course, i just wrote my name and leave the test hall.
- Solah Isya’ at mosque
- sleep

4th July
- Subuh at mosque.
- Briefing on Discipline and Welfare. Since this university is an Islamic university, the rules and regulation is much stricter, suit by the law of Islam. IIUM is very particular in Islamic Laws. Those who acted and do something wrong by the law of Islam, IIUM authority can punish and even summon the student.
- Counseling outreach program. Basically about how can a student to see a counselor.
- learn a lil’bit about matriculation’s song.
- Lunch, Solah Zuhr and Solah Asr’
- matriculation song. Well, my roommates and I was early to the musoola, but somehow, we missed a very important announcement, which the matriculation song session which should be at field but change to AMF hall. So, we were very late for the session

to be continuee......

Thursday, 7 July 2005

Ta'aruf Week

i'm now at IIUM. Kinda excited. well, nothing much can I tell. i will tell about the ta'aruf next time when i goot more free time.

Iklan Je...