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Monday, 8 May 2006

Robocon Kuala Lumpur 2006

Last weekend, my fren, izzat, nik and me myself went to Robocon Kuala Lumpur 2006 at PWTC. the competition quiet good and impressive. i hope i can setup my own robot ( maybe jus in my dream because i'm taking medic now). but the final sux. the teams that went to final are UTM and MMU. i hoped that UTM win ( yeah i know, i kinda racist. i go for malay) UTM win 25-7 but because of that #@@$ regulation, UTM are disqualified... what a waste.

hehe... actually i'm using computer from computer lab. i know i shudn't do this but i'm desperate.... my lecturer said any site that i go, and every password i type, will be save on the server... huhu


o_O said...

And you know that it's dangerous when your pw/cookies are saved in their server? Which means, people like ME can hack into your account and make your life crazy? :)

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zati said...

Zati u went to robot convention..I didnt know that..I must go next year..please please tell me when they are havin it again...Heyy I change my blog's layout again heheh check it out

Iklan Je...