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Friday, 17 December 2010


i met this beautiful girl. i was a boy then. childish and immature...
i fall in love with her. she was so beautiful that i become afraid to approach her.
not only her beauty, but her friendliness gave me confident to approach her.
and i love her more than i love anything else in this world...

sometime i buy her thing, sometime i said sweet talk.
but most of the time i do stupid thing to make her happy.
i just can't lose her.
im so in love with her.
to me, she is more than anything else in this world...

but as we grow up, im become man, she become woman.
she become more beautiful, more than ever.
but as the time change, the situation change, people change.
we change. our love change.
we hurt each other. we hurt ourselves. we become frustated when we didn't become like what we want to.

now we have part.
split due to frustration.
break up coz we dont agree on many thing
the gap between us become wider.

oh i hate this feeling.

i still love you.
but we have to part.
even if we in different sky,
please don't forget me.

maybe we will me again,
but i hope it will be better condition for us next time,
coz u mean a lot for me.

thanks for being with me...

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