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Thursday, 12 May 2005

do any body out there know wut is PPT?

well, i know wut PPT means. it mean Pingat Pekerti Terpilih. but i don't know wut the funtion of this medal.

yesterday, my father got this letter from Istana Sultan Selangor. It written there that my father got this PPT. well, the PPT is extention to somebody's name, such as PJJ, PJK, so my father was very excited - even thought his leg still not fully cure -.

today, my father go to shah alam to take his pays, it been 5 month since he got his last pay. and u know wut, his pay is 32 thousand ringgit. plus 27 thousand ringgit he got from his coop. so, he went home with almost 60 thousand ringgit in his pocket. can u imagine it?

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