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Sunday, 7 August 2005

Busy, busy, busy and tired.

          I know it’s been a week since i updated my bog. I was very busy last week. Like I told you all before that I have demo silat last Monday. I thought after the demo, I can rest. But there is another work that I have to do for PSSCUH. We, the ‘budak’ silat who have ‘tamat’ have to recruit new team member. We have to open booth for registration in front of STAD. The booth was opened from Monday to Friday. Most of the time, I was at the booth for the registration, because other student was ‘very busy’. What the heck, like I’m not that busy. (huhu, dapat gak aku tarik bdak bilik aku masuk PSSCUH)

Tuesday night, I have to attend MEDCY AGM, Wednesday night, I have silat training and Friday night I have to attend Majlis Ijazah for PSSCUH.

          So basically, I slept at 2 a.m. and have to woke up early at 6.30 a.m. everyday. Of course, this effects my study. It seem like I slept in every biology class (note that this is class, not lecture, which is <40 students)Luckily I managed to finished my math assignment on time.

          Last Friday, there was Majlis Ijazah for new students (Asas) and students who have done Jatuh level (Tamat) at night. Before that, at the evening, I and Faiz LDP, have to collect money from those student who have not pay for the Majlis Ijazah. It’s not an easy task. Some of the student has class and some have went home. That night, I have to help second year at registration desk. Very tiring with hundreds of attitude, well not that many, only 70 students, which all are male. Female? Oh, the sisters handle them.

          After the Majlis Ijazah which at 11.30 p.m., there was surprise party for YM Guru Utama; YM Md. Radzi bin Hanafi. He, which 44 years old, said

I want all of you to be a pendekar, which mean you can defend yourself and your family, and also when people want to attack you, the will fail…..

And so on, forgot already what he has said. The party end about 2.30 a.m.

          Huh….., this week, very busy, and tiring.


rina_besh said...

hoho..ko masuk silat ke? dah r..jgn brangan jd pendekar r..huehue..
aku pun igt nak msuk silat..g mjlis ijazah..xyah r blaja 5 thn pnat2..dah dpt ijazah ek..heuehue.. tp xpe r.. maleh aku.. study pun xckup mse..PPi pun aku dh stat mls nak g..hoho =P

i-nie said...

so tired eh?
don call me dah
i lost my hp
kang i gave another number to u k

Putera Bemi said...

;P, tau dah ko ilang HP, abah ngamuk gile. seb baik dah cool down dah.

Iklan Je...