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Sunday, 26 April 2009

any subject that i can study?

weird huh? yeah. i keep on whining on study. why? mybe because i'm now very stressful preparing for my 1st professional exam, which on 18th to 20th may. but that other story.

i found that, in studying medicine (and i believe other subjects too), there are three type of, i donno wat is it - things maybe, in learning sumthing.
that is:
  • calculation
  • understanding
  • memorization
It's very hard to find calculation in medicine, so what left is understanding or remembering.

im not good in remembering, and i find understanding medicine subjects are much more easier.
Topics that need understanding come with varies way.
  • some are simple flow (a→b→c)
  • some come with relation (azmi is son of dr. rosilah, aman is son of makcik ilah, dr. rosilah is makcik ilah's sister, so azmi and aman are cousin)
  • some are just simple sense (if you cut blood vessel, it will bleed, right?).
actually, it give me some relief that some, if not most, of subject in medicine are topics that need understanding. but having to says so, medic is always medic. it will never run away will memory. to be a doctor, someone have to have good memory. for example, yes if you cut blood vessel, it will bleed. but what vessel, artery or veins? these jargon needs to be remembered by hard. it not just that, there are lists of things that you need to memorize to be able to understands. the parasites, the anatomy, the drugs, the antibiotics, and lots of it.
studying medicine not simple. there are things that you need to memorize to be able to understand, and there are also things that need understanding to be able to memorize. irony eh?

p/s: for those who been reading my blog, sory, im very stressful now. and whining really help me relieve my stress. hehe. nyeah, my english sux. who care?

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