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Sunday, 17 May 2009


if anybody ask me if im an avid football fan, well, im not.
football is just another sport for me. but i think its worth for me to post here about football around the world recently.

EPL, Serie A Italy and La Liga, the mains football league with huge fan worldwide. EPL - English Premier League - which based in England, Serie A Italy and La Liga which based in Spain had this very interesting similarity. They all have found the winner.
As expected, Manchester United had won the EPL, while La Liga won by Barcelona with 3 more games, and Inter Milan, coach by *The Special One* José Mourinho won the Serie A Italy.

Truly, The Special One has show his magic again. Even though Inter Milan lost to MU in Champion League, but the magic that Mourinho cast upon Inter Milan surely make the fans very happy.

well, how Bundesliga and Scottish Football League? have they found the winner?

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