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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

you and me

when u are optimistic, i'll be the pessimist.
when u are pessimistic, i'll be the optimist.

when u are idealistic, i'll be the realist.
when u are realistic, i'll be the idealist.

being different is not to fight,
being different is not to compromise,
but being different is to complement.

we are like yin and yang,
positive and negative pole of magnet,
north and south,
key and padlock.

we might be different,
but these difference make us complement each other.


-u-kno-whu- said...

earth and sky
mountain and the ocean
grass and the rooftop
are they made for each other too?


Putera Bemi said...

day and night,
music and lyric,
composer and orchestra,
and ultimately,
male and female.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow, is this for ur love one?

Putera Bemi said...

anonymous 1 : tengs. :)
anonymous 2 : yup.

Anonymous said...


Iklan Je...