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Wednesday, 8 June 2005


Alhamdulillah, as I write this blog, this blog is 71-days-old. That is a long period of time for me, because I never did a project for more than a month before. I tend to get bored easily. So, I want to give special thanks to: -

  • The Almighty Allah, for giving me opportunity to live till now, and give me a healthy body to write this blog
  • My parents, without them, who am I?
  • My family members, for supporting me and make my life meaningful
  • My sister, for introduce me to this blog.
  • My dear friend Nuriz,, for supporting me and help me in maintaining this blog.
  • My Honey 'B', without her, my life would be meaningless.
  • My 'friend' Rina,, aku tau aku tak patut capap kau punya blog, tapi sebagai tanda penghargaan.

Also, special credit to these people, they are my idols and my reference :-

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