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Sunday, 26 June 2005

A day in my life.

One week left before i sign up for IIUM. kinda excited. last satruday i went to Muamalat Bank to open a saving account. well, they said that i will not get my atm card now because the matric card from IIUM will intergrated with ATM card.

That morning, i went to Hospital Kajang to do X-ray for my IIUM intake. the hospital suck. First, i went to Klinik Komuniti Kajang, which is "smaller" Hospital Kajang branch. Then the doctor said i have to go to Hospital Kajang first to pay the X-ray. then i have to go back to Klinik Komuniti Kajang to do the X-ray. WTF?! they think the Klinik Komuniti Kajang and the Hospital kajang is very near? It's like half hour from Klinik Komuniti Kajang to Hospital Kajang. what a waste of time. So, i went to Hospital Kajang, pay them, then i said to the Hospital Kajang, why don't i do the x-ray at the hospital. it will save time. but they said that if there is emergency only. my mother "negotiate" with them before i can do the x-ray. I think gorverment hospitals still suck. they need "systems upgrade".

After that, i follow my brother for medical check up for his IPBA entry at PUSRAWI. well, after my x-ray session, my mother get fed up with the hospital. so she brought us to private clinic (PUSRAWI). it true that the medical checkup is a bit expensive, but it's save a lot of time.

Yesterday was "last saturday" for gorverment worker. because Malaysia gorverment said there will be no work day at saturday starting from July. mmm, maybe Malaysian holiday is to much. imagine this, in a year, there a total of 148 day for holidays.

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