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Tuesday, 14 June 2005

i know, it been a century since the last time i post about what am i doing.actually, i been waiting for university entry. i just finish my SPM (equivalent to British O-level) last year and i get good result.While waiting for the university entry, i take a part-time job. but i get fired.
so, i just wait at home.
this is my typical day schedule:-
0001 - chatting and playing kuiz at mIRC
0130 - playing kuiz at mIRC <-- coz' my chat's friend log off
0400 - internet surfing
0430 - sleep
0630 - Sholat subuh <-- morning pray for muslim
0700 - sleep <--again
1330 - brakefast <-- yes, i breakfast "after noon"
1400 - sholat zohor <-- afternoon pray for muslim
1430 - sleep <-- again
1730 - sholat asar <-- evening pray for muslim
1800 - watch my favorite chinese drama.
and so on.....

but yesterday, i went to the bank to activate my atm card and bank in some money to my another account. mmm, my life curently is soooo boring.

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