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Sunday, 11 October 2009

puterabemi... pailnail... and google?

google wasn't a great search tool after all.

have you ever wonder, what might come out when you search your own nick name?
i google PuteraBemi.... and these were come out...
1. my youtube channel. wth? da la ade 2 3 junk vid je
2. my gamespot account. again... wth? this was when im in matric. i love diablo game back then. hehe. waiting for diablo 3.
3. yahoo profile. where this come from?
4. hmmm... this was quite recent. saje nak maen quiz kt mirc
5. well... this is my darkside. haha.

ok... now where is my blog?
let try pailnail then..
1. what the hell? google recommend pail nail?. ok2 let skip the recommendation

1. merchantcircle... never been there.
2. enchantedlearning. haha. child books
3. another online shop site
4. apakah?
5. another merchant site
6. at last... my blog site.

see.... my blog wasn't the famous site after all. haha.
yes2. we blogger, write blog so people will read it, but when people read our blog, we hope that we wasn't that famous. haha.

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