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Saturday, 23 April 2011

a new chapter of love?

i was alone in my room, listening to some music. tengah2 mendengar, tiba2 lagu ni dimainkan.

"Way Back into Love"

Well I love this song so much. this song is from the movie "Music and Lyric", which was 3-4 years ago. I love the movie, the movie is one of the best romantic movie i ever watch. "Music and Lyric" change my view on romantic movie.

This song give us picture of someone whose deeply broken hearted and having a tough times to move on and to forget all the dark things happened from the past relationship he/she had. The person who can't really find ways to be in love again because of being bounded of the sweet memories from the past that he/she really want it to be real in this time. The person who is hoping to be love again but afraid to move on because of the thinking that dark past might happen again. Way back into love is something that he/she really want but something very difficult task to do.

sad eh?

p/s : this song also sang by SNSD and SuJu

p/p/s: due to copyright, the original song can't be embed. but i really suggest you to listen to the original version 

"Music and Lyric" trailer. *must watch!*

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