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Friday, 15 April 2005

First day at EduCamp UTP

well, this is the first day at UTP

2.30 am : watching footbal match between juventus and liverpool.
4.30 am : the match end, well i think i should bath, so i did.
5.00 am : mmm, the journey start from kajang to tronoh.
8.00 am : well, dah sampai dah kat batu gajah
8.30 am : what, we are lost. hmm, where is the UTP?
9.30 am : at last, we manage to come to UTP, i register straight away. well, there i meet 7 my x-schoolmate.
10.00 am : official opening, so boring, i slept, didn't catch many info there.
1.00 pm : makan!!!, well of course solat after that.
2.00 pm : mm, icebreaking
4.30 pm : make our group logo, motto, and such
6.30 pm : dinner
8.00 pm : mm, a self improvement program named "Desert Survival"
10:30 pm : hehehe, i went to V5 (village for foundation student, which mine village is V1). meet my honey 'B'. he give me my book which i ask her to buy for me.
11.59 pm : tido r ape lg. pnat siol.

well as tomorrow..., i hope there is better programs

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