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Sunday, 17 April 2005

Last day at UTP

well kinda nervous, but boring too.

5.00 am : i woke up, but nobody woke up early as me, so i sleep back
6.30 am : woke up again, get some bath and solat.
7.30 am : breakfast, then sleep again
9.00 am : i forgot that i hace date today, but luckily the date is at 9.30, so, i call my honey 'B', confirm place with her. hmm, she also like me, forgot about the date.
9.30 am : waiting, waiting and waiting. so i buy a drink. hmm, she came 15 minute later, well, i just can't mad at her for her unpunctuality.
11.30 am : take a short walk around UTP
12.30 pm : lunch
1.00 pm : well,this part is very nervous.
1.30 pm : i'm in prepare room now, the invigilator give me a case study about enviroment. my mood : VERY NERVOUS and confuse too. the case study is confusing and ambiguous.
2.15 pm : i'm in prepare room now, the room is very cold, i have to wait for 15 minutes b4 i've been called. FYI, i'm the first candidate for my group, so if i late, the other candidate in my group will be late too.
2.30 pm : oh man, i've been called. well, i'm very2 nervous. i walk in to the interview room slowly, give salam, and stand in front of the chair that placed there. then i've been seated. i think my presentation of the case study is sucks. i just repeating the same idea over and over again, mmmh, well i think i can't give my best because the waiting room is very cold and freezing my head.
3.00 pm : now is the grouping interview. hmm, i still feel cold. i think i'm sucks here. i screw up my part. i just can't give my issues. and the worst part is, the interviewer said that my group is the shortest time that he interview. i thought the same too. but to me, i've to finish as fast as i could, not because i want to go home, but i want to get out from there, the room is very cold.
4.00 pm : well, now is the time for me to pack up.

well, i think the UTP very beautifull, but the facilities there is 'gempak', (UTP is somehow is boasting.) i hope that UTP will take me as their student. Amin


zati said...

Ohh sejak bile "B" jadik honey "b" ni..ohhh tak bagitau pun hik hik hik...abis roomate aku tu camne?
aku guro je lahh..Hmmm It must be a very challenging eduucamp huh?
Anyway, I'm proud that u give it a go. Who knows...maybe u are made to be in utp...Hahaha I flunked my driving test(test jlnry, parking sume dah lulus)...but u know what? ur wishes seems to boost my spirits that was once discourage( sebenarnye yg lemah smgt ptg tadi..ptg tadi yang gagal)Soo..I'm going to re-take my on the road test..wish me luck ya!

Anonymous said...

ahaks..juz wanna say..nice 2meet u at UTP..besh of luck in ur future undertakin..-ur grup member

SeeNoEvil said...

hey ya bro!~ good luck & see you in UTP again in July, God willing.... ::SNE's out!~ another group member....

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