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Thursday, 25 June 2009

At last! Rubik Cube

picture explain a thousand word... well, video says billion of unneccessary words. haha.

Last week, i dont remember when, my mum bought me a rubik cube, which i been trying to search for about ages. huhu. it's just RM1.99, compared to the one that i found in toycity which is about RM30. wth.
well, enough about getting the rubik cube. as soon i got a hold of the rubik cube, immediately i try to solve it according what i had learned years ago. unfortunately, when you learn halfway, halfway you got.
truth about rubik cube, it have systems and steps to solve.
myth, it can't be solve by just silly, random twisting and hoping that it will magicly solved. no, it doesn't goes like that.

people said u must be brilliant to learn how to solve rubik. actually, there are lots of way to solve rubik cube. there are fastest way, and there are the easiest way. my video up there, i think one of the easiest way to learn, eventought you can't be the next world champion by using that way.
in rubik cube, the steps in solving rubik cube is called algorithm. in my video there, i solve one face (or layer) then the next layer (the middle one) and then solve altogether. and it's only about 5 algorithm that i have to memorize. these algorithms is use at different situation.
i found that learning rubik is like learning academic subject. u can either memorize blindly, o try to understand, o memorize then understand. in this matter, since rubik cube is 3-dimensional puzzle, trying to understand in the 1st place might just confuse you. so i memorize the algorithm, then try to understand why the algorithm is that way. and it take me 6 hour to learn how to solve a rubik cube, and 3 days to memorize the algorithm.

enuf said, im proud i been able to learn how to solve a rubik cube.

p/s: thanks Allah the Greatness coz creating mind. human mind is creative.
p/p/s: credit to Dan Brown

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