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Monday, 1 June 2009


i donno what is wrong with my older sisters.
last nyte, when we (my family and I) going back home from my cousin's wedding, i said to my father that i want a car. but my damn sister said "sok abah g belikan keta mainan ntuk emi". what the hell? im seriously talking with my father that i wanted a car. well, actually, i need a car. but having her said that, im literally morale down.
why? why on earth (or heaven) she said that? why can't she support me instead of saying that?
why? didn't i deserve a car? i 101% sure that she know that car is important in student life. but when i wanted a car, she always reject the idea. well, there are reasonS why i need a car. i repeat, I NEED A CAR. first, i live off campus. my hostel and my campus is 15minutes away with car. can u imagine? what happen if i overslept? what happen if i miss the bus? what happen, when im left alone in the hostel. how am i suppose going anywhere when there is no transportation? second, it is hard for me to go the town. the town is about 10km. i got no motorcycle, no car. then how can i buy my food? toileteries? go to bank? shopping? do i have to borrow my roomate motorcycle everytime i want to go to the town? certainly those who have car will reluctantly lent me their car. third, i have aunt and uncle living nearby. and everytime raya, they will 'perli' me saying that y i dont come to their house. bcoz i dont have a car.
well, there are 1001 reasons why i want car, but for those who reading my post, surely u understand that i need car.
damn you!

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