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Saturday, 16 July 2005

Rains and First Class

it's never been a single day with rain at last week ( ta'aruf week ) but this week, almost every evening , there will be raining. hmmm, well, it hard for me because i have to wash my clothes and dry them. but with the rains falling, the clothes seem like will not dry. ( ape punye bahase daa...)

Yesterday was my first class in MCIIUM. it was Arabic class. my other class has not yet started because the timetable will be out next week. the class shoulkd be started at 10 am. i'm so eager to come to this class because it have been 3 month i've never been into a class. my last class is english class that i took at Banting College. well, of course, i come to the class as early as 9.45 am. my classmates should be 15 students ( 16 students including me ), 9 females and 7 males. all the semales have come but only 3 males are in the class. meet kewtiau there. i've waited for 30 minutes,and the teacher has not come yet. it's boring down there. so i decided to leaves the class. the authority said that if we ( the students ) didn't come to class 2 times, we will get a warning. but it seem like the students have come but the teacher didn't come yet. maybe there is confusion among the teachers.

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