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Saturday, 23 July 2005

Culture shock

This is what I read from my text book…
Culture shock has several stages, but there are 4 main stages. When people arrived in a new environment, they usually excited and happy. They notice that a lot of things are similar to their own culture, and this surprise them. This is stage one.
In stage two, people notice how different the new culture is from their own culture. They become confuse. It seems difficult to do even simple things. They feel angry and depressed. Hey spend a lot of time with other people from their own culture.
The in stage three, they begin to understand the new culture better. They begin to like some new custom and befriend from new environment. Here they feel more comfortable and relax.
In stage four, they feel very comfortable and happy. They have good friends in the new culture. They understand the new custom. Some custom similar from their culture, and some are totally different, that’s ok. They’re, of course, a member from their own culture, but they become a new member of the new culture. They feel they’re belonging to the new culture. They enjoy their life.
*note that the sentences are litle confusing because I've edited it.*

Before I join MCIIUM, many people said to me that when you become a University student, you will get culture shock. At first, I thought culture shock is just happen at environment, the timetable, the study styles and the freedom ness. I thought I’ve adapt to the change. But not until last week, when the classes has started. I thought I ready for the lecturer and lecture, but actually, I’m not ready for the language. I’ve been learning in my native language, which is Malay, and now, I’ve to study, all in English. Many new words, term and terminologies that I don’t ever hear before. Some term pronounce similar, but some are totally different. I think I’ve to work double hard from now on. No more computer after this.*just joking.*

*edited* i've just read apis's blog. he wrote about culture shock too.


seng the great said...

no more computer? believe me..u can't do that...i'll bring uplink tomorrow..u can't resist it

rina_besh said...

aku dah blaja culture shock gak

Putera Bemi said...

aaaaaa seeeeennggggggg!!!~, knape ko bawak game uplink. seb baik file tu rosak. kalau tak aku kat situ men game je keje.

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