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Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Last week, Ta'aruf week

2nd July (The day before registration)
- The ISP is down, don't know why. It’s been 2 days.
- Play some game, my brother, Zaki, recommended a hacker game, "Uplink"
- well, addicted to the game. Play from 2.30 pm till 2.30 am, of course I take some break for solah and eat.

3rd July
- woke up at 6. Actually, I should wake up at 5.30 am. But somehow bro misplaced the alarm clock. Feel a lil'bit dizzy 'coz just sleep for 4 hour.
- Solah Subuh at Dengkil Mosque.
- Arrive at MCIIUM at 7 AM.
- Eat some bread for breakfast.
- The register should be started at 8.30 am. But students are coming early. So the registration counters open at 8 AM.
- First, take a number, I’m one of the students who come early and my number is no. 7
- Registration is at UKC 1, which from outside look new and nice but from inside, the building is just a normal, typical 10-years-old-building.
- After the registration, I was ushered to my room by Ta’aruf week committee member. My room is for 4 peoples, each with their own compartment. I’m the only student who take Medic Course, the others are, 2 for biology science and another for physical science.
- My roommates are very friendly and trustworthy.
- brought in my belonging into my room. Then went out to PJ old town.
- went back to MCIIUM at 10 am. Called my honey ‘B’
- Solah Zuhr at mosque, Solah Asr’ too.
- Dinner
- Solah Magrib
- Briefing on language Proficiency requirement. Talks about English Placement Test (EPT) and Arabic Proficiency Test (APT).
Note: UIAM is the only university in Malayia that insert English subject into credit hour.
- The EPT is quite complicated.
EPT is designed to assess the language ability of candidates entering IIUM. It’s meant to placing student into different level according to their proficiency. The test is designed to cover full range of ability from pre-intermediate to the advanced users of the English
All new students have to take the EPT and if the student get >75% marks, he or she can take another test which if the student pass the second test; he or she will be exempted from taking English classes.
The first test is about grammar, writing skill and reading comprehension. While the second test is about listening and speaking test. I hope I got >75% for the first test, so I can take the second test, (and hopefully pass the test and be exempted from taking English classes). Well, if any student get <75% mark, the student will be placed either level 3 class, level 4, level 5 or level 6 class. And, if any student that take the second test failed, the student will be placed either level 5 or level 6 classes.
_ Rather than the complicated EPT, the APT is quite simple, either pass, or failed. and the pass mark is 20%. Sound easy right? but actually, the arbic test level is very high. only those with Arabic background can answer the questions. well of course, i just wrote my name and leave the test hall.
- Solah Isya’ at mosque
- sleep

4th July
- Subuh at mosque.
- Briefing on Discipline and Welfare. Since this university is an Islamic university, the rules and regulation is much stricter, suit by the law of Islam. IIUM is very particular in Islamic Laws. Those who acted and do something wrong by the law of Islam, IIUM authority can punish and even summon the student.
- Counseling outreach program. Basically about how can a student to see a counselor.
- learn a lil’bit about matriculation’s song.
- Lunch, Solah Zuhr and Solah Asr’
- matriculation song. Well, my roommates and I was early to the musoola, but somehow, we missed a very important announcement, which the matriculation song session which should be at field but change to AMF hall. So, we were very late for the session

to be continuee......

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