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Monday, 18 July 2005

NorthStar, Classes and Timetable

After two at MCIIUM, at last, I found Zati ( NorthStar ) . huh, long time no see zati! I was attacked by fever last saturday. luckily the IIUM's clinic is open untill 12 am. it's getting better now. *Zati, lepas aku jumpe ko je, demam aku terus baik. pelik?*

The timetables is out, so basicly i know when, where and what class i got, except for english. Seem like i have class everyday except for weekends. Arabic is at monday on 11 to 1, Wednesday at 11 to 1 and friday at 10 to 12. Biology class is on Teusday, 8 to 10, Thursday, 11 to 1 and friday 4 to 5. WHile Math class is on Teusday, 11 to 1, wednesday, 2 to 4 and thursday at 10 to 11.

*to all readers, pray for my success.* after all, my target GPA is 3.77 ( hopefully )

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