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Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Ta'aruf week (continue)


Let us come along and get together,
Affirm our faith in God and the Messenger,
Light the flame of love in Him, warm and brighter,
Hold the rope, and trust in Him forever.

Divided we’ll fall, united we stand,
Unity bears the fruit of unification,
Triple I.C.E* is ever our mission,
Excellence in all we do is our vision.

We are the torchbearers, for the Ummah,
Guided by the Quran and Sunnah
Matriculation Centre of IIUM
The gate of the Garden, Knowledge, and Virtue

Chorus 2x

*Triple ICE is Intergration, Islamisation Internasionalisation and Comprehensive Excelence

5th July
-Subuh at mosque
- EPT. The questions seem easy. I hope I can take the second test and past it so I can be exempted from taking English classes.
- The EPT is 3 hour test, starting from 9 am, but I managed to complete it before 10.30 am. I double check my answer, the handed the test paper to the test invigilator.
- went back to my room, wash my cloth coz’ the laundry shop didn’t not open yet.
- The APT. seriously, I don’t even know a word in the test paper. So I just write my name, and hand the test paper to the test invigilator.
- Matric song training (again) at the field.
-Opening ceremony. One word, GRAND. The opening ceremony venue is at field coz’ the AMF hall is too small for >1000 new students. Well, it’s not me, but I think we all do very badly. We sang matric song like we don’t, don’t give applaud to guest of honor and even sleep when the VIP give his speech. Well, the consequences, the ta’aruf week committee were very mad at us. The head committee shout at us, said that how bad our manner at the night.
- Sleep at 2 am

6th July
- woke up at 5.60 am. Feel very dizzy, coz’ sleep for only 4 hour.
- Introduction to Academic service and Finance department. Briefly about academic and courses things.
- Introduction to Student Service
- Cultural night. The committee said there will be different cultural night than last year cultural night. Well, the different is, we have concert for our cultural night. The band for the concert is 2 nasyid bands, Hijjaz and Mestica. Actually, I don’t listen to them much, but their performance that night was fabulous.

7th July
- Fardhu ain test (oral). Luckily I pass the test even though my performance is not good. My quranic recitation was good but when the tester (an ustazah) asks something about fardhu ain, I don’t answer well.
- Motivational talk. One word, BORING. Talk much about Islam Hadhari.

8th July
- Briefing on introduction to Matriculation Centre. Two words, SCORCHING HOT. Imagine we have to gather at the field at 10 am for one hour.
- Bai’ah practice
- Closing ceremony. Much more like the opening ceremony, but with addition of Bai’ah, also known as swear.
- The ta’aruf week is officially closed.


rina_besh said...

ai..ko nye uia kat pj ke?? hikhik.. ko knai x budak nme fariz dak klate..kem slm die ek..hikhik..
aku xbwk kom g sane agi ade blambak tp aku x smpat2 nak g..huhu.. bz gak r..struggle 4 4flat..ko amik ept gak ek? dpt x? aku gagal bagus gak gagal psl klas bi die besh bangat n byk improve kan bi aku..hehe.. i deserve it..hehe..ble nk dtg uniten blanje aku? kuikui..besh x uia? uniten ok r..wat mse ni xde masalah r..huhu..weh..tulih bm je r..pening r nak bace blog ko dlm bi..hikhik..keyla..ble nak dgr ko cite ek..rndu plak..ape kaba hani b ko..hehe..bape pointer die? dah dpt result kn dak utp..keh r..cya.bye

Putera Bemi said...

aku level 5 english. aku sebelom masuk main camp kat kuantan, aku kene amik english level 6 ngan AEP, academic english ntah.
mmm, ramai la bdak kat sini. bdak engine je dah >800 orang, medic >100. blom kire bdak sains bio, phamacy, dentistry, nursing, arab, english, law ngan ICT. ramai btol la.

Iklan Je...