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Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Matriculation Centre IIUM

Since everybody keeps asking me, which IIUM I am studying, I would tell where it is here. Well, I study at Matriculation Centre of International Islamic University, which is at Petaling Jaya. All the student who study here is at matriculation level only.
There is 3 IIUM, which IIUM PJ is for matriculation, IIUM Gombak is main campus and IIUM is another campus. Student who continues studies at Gombak is engineering, ICT, economy ETC while Kuantan mainly for student who continue studies in medical, nursing, dentistry, allied health science ETC.
*That's mean, after 4 semester at the matriculation center, I will continue my studies at IIUM Kuantan.*

p/s: no more similar question after this. OK?

*hey PJ!, know this building?*

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