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Thursday, 28 July 2005

My sister

Last Sunday, my big sister, Kak No, come to visit me at MCIIUM. It’s been a long time since I’ve meets her, I think maybe more than one month.
She said she will arrive here at 3 pm but until 7 pm, she still doesn’t show herself. Then I called her, she said that she will arrive at 7.30 pm. She said that she just arrive here. Then, we’ll go for magrib prayer.
I thought she is come here alone, indeed, she bring some of her friends too. Fadhli, one of her friend very familiar to the road here, drive them here.
First I thought she came here because there is something other thing to do, that she just drops by to say hi. But she just here just to see me. She want to tell me that I have to go back home this weekend because of family matters.
We then have our dinner at Aika café unfortunately, I want to bring them to aroma café but the café is closed. And one more thing, it was the first time I ate there. I didn’t know that Aika café is dominate by male, so there is no female there. Never mind, we’re special.


zati said...

I hang out at aroma almost like every nite..accept on monday n weds..karate classes..hehe..

silat guy huh?? cekak hanafi again I doesn't feel like another planet anymore..I guess i 'm starting to love this bout u huh? jaynab ,,,hehe mahallah Zainab Al-Jahsy is the greatest ..but the food is too expensive for student rate,,,tu lah merempat makan kat aroma ke aisyah ke..or just a simple garlic bread kat u cafe..situ spagetthi not bad..

hehe..tu rr keje makan je..dah pokai lak haha..ala..aika cafe laki jek..hari tu masuk kene pandang slack..makan kat sane so cheap lorhhh..jeles tul ngan korang...

Putera Bemi said...

woit! aroma tu pon kire mewah gak. aku kalau nak makanan kelas eknomi gi la kat aika. makan skali rm2.50, kalau kat ukc smp rm3. mane tahan doh....
patut la aku prasan ari rabu ari tu cam ko berlatih dlm sangkar tu. ( korang ke yang berlatih dalam sangkar tu? )

Iklan Je...